Political cartoons: Roseanne, Samantha Bee and more

Samantha Bee attends the Turner Network 2016 Upfronts in New York

Trump called out Bee for her harsh words against his daughter, Ivanka.

Fresh on the heels of the Roseanne cancellation scandal, Canadian comedian Samantha Bee is finding herself in hot water after harshly insulting U.S. President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka.

Nothing was said about whether Bee or the show would face disciplinary action.

Her network TBS also said it was "our mistake too" in allowing the language on Bee's show on Wednesday.

"Those words should not have been aired", TBS said.

In an earlier tweet, Trump also took issue with Bob Iger, the chief of TV network ABC who fired the pro-Trump actress, saying he expected an apology from ABC for "the awful statements" that has been made against him.

The apologies are totally disingenuous. It's fortunate Bee was able to keep her job, however, because although her comment was explicit, it wasn't racist. It's ridiculous to suggest that nobody on the show or at the network knew the comment was offensive until after it hit the air.

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After Roseanne was cancelled, the White House said the president would not defend Barr's comments but pointed to alleged media bias against the TV show, which portrays a working-class American family. There was still plenty of time to censor the comment before broadcast.

Bee and TBS released separate apologies on Thursday afternoon.

The clip of Bee making the remark has since been pulled from YouTube and Twitter.

Yet, TBS is apparently quite comfortable giving Bee nothing more than a mild reprimand as advertisers pull their dollars. Warned Stewart, "Don't get caught in a trap of thinking you can live up to a code of integrity that will be enough for the propagandist right".

How many celebrities have supported Rosanne Barr? Any? "But I assure you that we always have someone watching out for us to keep us on the straight and narrow", she said, according to Deadline. That's the difference between what she said and what Barr said, though Barr's defenders just can't seem to see that.

The double standard is stunning.

Following Samantha Bee's vulgar insult hurled at Ivanka Trump this week, the Centennial Institute announced it would be denying Bee press credentials at its upcoming Western Conservative Summit and issued a scorching statement explaining the decision.

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