These are the iPhones and iPads that will run iOS 12

Apple vs. Spotify: Is it time for a truce of some sort?

At its own developer conference in May, Google rolled out tools for making multiplayer AR games. Apple itself is staying tight-lipped for the time being. Now Reuters reports that iOS 12 will introduce phone-to-phone AR - so two devices will be able to see the same scene, in sync, in augmented reality.

Gene Munster, a former Apple analyst at Piper Jaffray, also speaks about the hardware upgrade that most probably Apple could introduce a cheaper Siri-integrated speaker. Al is expected to get integrated into the "Spotlight" search.

In that time, Siri has gone from a promising new feature to an assistant surpassed in features and performance by the likes of Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, and in the months leading up to this year's WWDC, Siri was openly criticized by some of its creators.

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Apple has made remarkable improvements in augmented reality since after unveiling its first kit iOS 11, ARKit past year at WWDC. Google is too stressed on such similar features which is noticed at the recent Google IO 2018 developer's conference. But the platform has not undergone any major changes since tvOS 10. And there are indications that macOS 10.14 will called Mojave, after the Mojave desert in California. Also Apple may bring iOS compatibility with macOS 10.14. However there is no such confirmation yet. Here's what we might see.

Updated 11:34 a.m. June 4 to include additional information about Siri shortcuts on watchOS 5. Would you be disappointed if there are no new MacBook and iPad Pro models? This is the software that will define the experience of 2018's new iPhones, and also update current iPhones and iPads when it comes out to devices later this year. However, some improvement may be noticed in "CoreML" toolset can also be expected to get improve and machine learning in devices. This is according to a Bloomberg report, which suggests that this might be motivated by the fact that iOS has received a lot more attention and iteration from Apple than MacOS. But if all the rumors are true, we can expect security and reliability updates to iOS and macOS, and for Apple to at least detail a possible streaming television service that would give users access to a variety of live, recorded, and original programming. Let us know in the comments section below.

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