Inside the Episode: Go behind the scenes of "The Bells"

Nicholas Hoult Reveals That A Bad Fake Tan Cost Him The Role Of Jon Snow

She headed for the Red Keep but chose to burn everything along the way - including innocent men, women and children.

Jon, Grey Worm and Davos Get Their Reservoir Dogs OnJon, Grey Worm and Ser Davos march into the city. We saw Arya and Tyrion in the preview for next week's show. Dany's army, led by Jon and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson), advanced with confidence and fought back Cersei's army easily.

He didn't want to rule, but Dany is truly unfit to serve as queen.

How long until Varys's treason is uncovered? This time, Daenerys and her dragon were not caught off guard.

It started early with the burning of Varys. Instead, Dany unleashed her weapon of mass destruction, Drogon. Having said that, one did miss her presence in the carnage-riddden episode. This will grant you on-demand access to all Foxtel shows, including Game Of Thrones. It's why he had cautioned her against marching towards King's Landing when she first arrived in Westeros, instead pointing her towards the smaller kingdoms. He told Tyrion, "I hope I'm wrong", but he knew he wasn't. In the end, they went out in a blaze of glory, falling out one of the open arches and into the flames below, locked in a grisly embrace.

Jaime and Cersei Share One Last EmbraceCersei and Jaime have one last embrace. Tyrion hugs Jaime before setting him free.

Go behind the scenes for emotional goodbyes and special effects magic. The general consensus seems to be a distaste for the development of Dany's character.

Queen Cersei: Destroyer of Septs, Lover of Elephants, and Mother of Dead Children is no more. And thus, Dany used the wildfire from Mad King Aerys in a moment when she bore an unfortunate resemblance to her father.

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It was made clear in Monday's penultimate episode that the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two would be impossible, now that Jon's true identity is known to all. Suddenly, everyone hears the bells ringing.

Let's not excuse her for blowing up her enemies, some of whom weren't bad people. Moreover, in season 6 where Jon Snow dies before the Battle of the Bastards, Melisandre (The Red Woman) brings him back. Imagine the cost to rebuild the city, let alone have people who would stay in the city of their own volition. Dany burns anything that moves.

But before he can do that Euron Greyjoy emerges from the surf ready to fight him.

The Hound and The Mountain weren't the only characters to die in last night's episode.

In the Red Keep, The Hound found his brother escorting Cersei and Qyburn to safety. The armies went insane, murdering everyone they could find. She comes down from above and obliterates multiple ships. And, we also can't forget Sansa Stark, who predicted what would happen if Dany takes the throne. Frankly, we can't really blame him. Varys' destiny finally came round, just as Melisandre had predicted back in Season 7, standing on this very island of Dragonstone. He charges at The Mountain and they topple over the wall into the flames.

Jon ordered his men to stand down but Dany was still raging and took to the air again. Cersei tried to be tough and not throw in the towel, but eventually the bells were rung, suggesting she had relented. She notices he's bleeding, and he says it's just from his side.

Arya might be adding another name to her list. Out of nowhere, a horse appears.

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