Huawei responds to Trump's national emergency ban on foreign telecoms

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"Huawei will seek remedies immediately and find a resolution to this matter", the company said in a statement. He drew a compelling parallel between British companies building telegraph networks all over the world in the late 19th century and Huawei today, arguing that while neither commercial enterprise was set up as an arm of their nation's government, circumstances pushed them into doing the home country spies' bidding for them. "If Australia can black ball Huawei as its 5G provider, the United Kingdom can certainly do so the same without undue concern about the consequences", he said.

Putting constraints on Huawei's supply chain could also delay its procurement of components and parts needed to help Chinese telecom operators roll out 5G in China, Jefferies wrote in a note, unless Beijing manages to negotiate with Washington to help Huawei get out of "jail".

That escalated quickly; Not long after the USA and China hoped to reach a new trade agreement, the US made it significantly harder for American businesses to work with companies in China, with special emphasis placed on barring Huawei from doing business in the U.S.

Some countries are anxious the Chinese government is using Huawei mobile phones and other technology to spy on people and other country's governments.

Shenzhen, once a sleepy fishing village, transformed into the beating heart of China's industrial miracle and Huawei plugged into its fast-expanding manufacturing sector.

Sir Richard's intervention comes as US President Donald Trump signed an executive order effectively banning American firms from using foreign telecoms deemed to pose a threat to national security.

Huawei said that blocking it from doing business in the USA would hamper the introduction of next-generation communications technology. "It will only force the USA to use inferior and expensive alternative equipment, lagging behind other countries and ultimately harming United States companies and consumers", Huawei stated in a statement.

Huawei said it is working on measures to reduce the impact, without providing details.

Speaking after a hearing on 5G development, US Senator Marsha Blackburn said that "They (Huawei) imbed spyware and malware into their hardware, and we know that they might be enticing entities to buy their equipment by under-pricing it, but the long-term costs are going to be very expensive because of the way the Chinese will then pull information and spy on you".

The US Justice Department has prosecuted numerous cases in recent years of Chinese theft of trade and intellectual property secrets in the aerospace, food processing, agriculture, defence and other industries.

Trump declares emergency over IT threats
President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to protect United States computer networks from "foreign adversaries". The United Kingdom is now deciding how much Huawei equipment it will use for the deployment of its 5G networks.

The company has vehemently denied the allegations and insists it is independent from state control. Without them, we also have the ability to substitute production, so from this point of view, we have no survival crisis.

"The US's bullying and maximum pressure tactics have caused the China-US economic and trade talks to suffer a serious setback", ministry spokesman Gao Feng told a weekly press briefing. In 32 years, there have been no significant cybersecurity issues with our equipment. "Operators are not stupid".

The Trump administration hit Chinese telecoms giant Huawei with severe sanctions on Wednesday, adding another incendiary element to the U.S.

A Huawei spokesman said: "This report is long on politically motivated insinuation but short on fact". "There are new standards in risk mitigation capabilities that are out there, we can address the risk".

"No part of the Communist Chinese state is ultimately able to operate free of the control exercised by its Communist Party leadership", said Dearlove.

According to Purdy, the US government has ignored Huawei's requests to understand specific cybersecurity investigations - for years.

He added the United Kingdom should also not be influenced by the economic cost of either delaying 5G or having to settle for a less capable and more expensive provider.

Canada has also been dragged into the spat after arresting Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in December on a U.S. extradition warrant related to Iran sanctions violations. As Reuters revealed in a different piece, out of $70 billion that Huawei spent for component procurement past year, some $11 billion went to U.S. firms. "That's American companies in Idaho, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Michigan, Arizona, California and NY".

Updated: Huawei has provided a statement which I've added to the end of the article.

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