3.5mm Headphone Jack Becoming Obsolete?


HD650_hiresAre you ready for the future when 3.5mm jack for your headphone becomes obsolete? There have been rumours of a future iPhone without a 3.5mm jack and using only the lightning connector for headphones. For other products, a USB-C connector will be used for headphone connection. If you have wireless headphones, then you are likely safe.


The removal of these headphone ports isn’t necessarily negative at the same time, as it will allow your devices to become even thinner.

This is a welcome change to the industry, as the 3.5mm jack limits the ability for products to become thinner. The USB cable means that the audio signal will be transferred to your headphone digitally for more accurate sound. The digital signal will still require converting from digital to analog (DAC) for the speakers to play back, but will be much accurate. Wireless headphones already uses this method.


The downside to this change is that it forces a DAC to be built into your headphone. A quality DAC on a headphone may increase the price for headphones, especially if your’re into the audiophile graded ones.

But of course, many music lovers will eventually have to buy new set of headphones that use a USB plug unless they want to carry an adapter. Then there are others who rid of the wired headphones and uses wireless headphones. We already seen Motorola’s latest smartphone announced without a 3.5mm jack.

If you’re for progressing the design of future devices like your smartphone, this decision is a welcome change. But if you already have  a nice set of headphones, then future devices may require you to also buy an adapter.

What do you think of the possibility of your favourite headphone unable to be used on future devices?






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