About DeviceCritique

Ever since, our inception in 2013, DeviceCritique has been more than just a cult. It is a internet blogging website that indulges readers in an immerse amount of opportunities when new technologies emerge. At DeviceCritique, we are interested in one word — possibilities. With the advancing of technology, comes many opportunities for new commerce concepts and ideas. When new technological enhancements develop over the years, there are many questions we must ask.  What can they provide for humanity? How are they going to achieve their goal? What will this mean the world? We seek to answer these questions, and engage our readers by exploring these ideas in our articles. The results are mind blowing. So join us, and embrace the world of technology, and seek enlightenment at the DeviceCritique Shrine.


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Meet the Editors

Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is a co-founder of DeviceCritique. As a technology expert, he wants to explain tech devices in its simplest way so that the everyday person can read and get some insight on what is good or bad about the device. Graduated from Simon Fraser University majoring in Political Science and went on to complete a Public Relations Certificate program. Marketing and Communications is his specialty.

Steven Lim

Steven Lim is a co-founder of DeviceCritique. He is a technology professional who takes a unique perspective by blending humanity, technology, and business.  He visions that there are many untapped technology products that have yet to emerge, and plans to explore those ideas with you in his articles.