Android 4.3 Update

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Last week, Google released a minor update for Android, from 4.2.2 to 4.3. Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 device users should’ve received this update by now.¬†This update brings in a small feature that allows users to create profile restrictions when there is more than one profile on the Android device. We are still waiting for Android 5.0 (key Lime Pie) which should offer new features and better functionality.¬†Screenshot_2013-07-09-03-20-11

As Android users anticipate for the new Android 5.0 operating system, Google decided to release a minor update for Android Jellybean (4.1, 4.2). This update allows for restrictions when using a different user profile which was introduced when Android 4.1 was released. This input can prevent other users who are using your device from accessing certain applications that users don’t want others to see, such as your messages or accessing the Play Store. However as we learned, the restriction can only work if the app developer allows the operating system to restrict it’s uses which may render this new feature useless.

For users of the Nexus 7 that came out last year, the Android update should also provide some performance improvements. The lag issues that can be experiences on the tablet should be reduced or removed through the Android 4.3 update.

Android 4.3 isn’t a major upgrade except only providing minor enhancements and a small user profile restrictions feature. We now all await for the highly anticipated Android 5.0 update which should provide many great features and improvements to the Android OS.


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