Android Device Manager Boost Security

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Google has launched their Android Device Manager that will allow users to track their Android device(s). The Android Device Manager can also erase all data on the Android device through your computer on a Google account, which will help those who lost their Android device to keep private information off the wrong hands. androiddevicemanager

Google added the security feature for Android so that those who lose their device can track their device or erase all data remotely. By logging into your Google account here, you can easily follow the instructions to setup this security feature for your Android device. In case you misplace your Android device at home or wherever, users can also ring up their device through the Android Device Manager to alert you where your device is. With data or WI-FI on, users can also trace the location of their device with the map shown on the Android Device Manager page, which can be useful in finding their device.

This long awaited feature will definitely boost security for users, especially if they have their device stolen and can’t have private information on the wrong hands. This simple to use feature will certainly be useful.

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