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Want a more unique looking theme on your Android device running Nova Launcher? Here are 3 great themes you can apply to change your icon sets to make your interface look more colourful. The stock Android icons can come in different sizes and shapes but with themes you can make the icons look more balanced so that one icon isn’t bigger than the other. You can find these themes just by searching Nova Launcher themes on the Google Play Store. Of course there are many other themes you can try, but these are ones you can start off with to try out.

You can also get the Zedge app from the Google Play Store to find the right wallpaper and ringtone that suits your customization experience and personality.

Glasklart Go Apex Theme

Glasklart Go Apex Theme

To apply the theme, just go to Nova Settings>Look and Feel>Icon theme and there you will have a list of themes you downloaded from the Play Store.

1. Glasklart Go Apex Theme    

This theme can work with both Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher. Icon sets are grey but has a square box around the app logo to give it a more streamline or uniform look. The square box around the icons are also slightly transparent which allows your background wallpaper to come through despite having icons over it. We found that depending on your background wallpaper, this theme can either look great or terrible.

2. Elegance Apex Nova Go Theme  

Elegance theme

Elegance theme

The Elegance theme can work with both Nova, Go and Apex Launchers as well. Each app icon is within a squared box to give a balanced look for your set of icons with a unique logo inside the box instead of the standard Android logo. The icon sets for this theme certainly give the interface a more colourful and balanced look for both the home screen and your App Drawer.

3. SMPL Blue Theme Go/Nova/Apex

The SMPL Blue theme works with Go, Nova and Apex Launchers. This theme gives your icon sets a customized logo with only blue colour. The icons are much smaller than the default Android sets or the listed themes above, but it does provide a colourful blue look for your home screen. The icon sizes are also similar to one another without a square box around the app logo. Add a great looking wallpaper to your background and this theme should fit nicely with your device.

SMPL Blue theme

SMPL Blue theme

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