Apple acquires Locationary to compete with Google Maps

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One year after after Apple’s ruined reputation of the release of the new Apple Maps release on iOS 6, Apple continues their plan to recreate the Maps app on their iOS device. This time, Apples decides to acquire a small company named Locationary — a start up company based in Toronto, Canada.  Why did Apple acquire Locationary? Just imagine a maps app that shows companies profile and allows the user to subscribe to their feeds. For example, consumers could check local inventory stock on a particular store of a particular item on the convenience of your phone.  It works sort of like the Waze app, but geared towards businesses. Waze was recently acquired by Google; thus, this is Apple’s solution to counter Waze’s Acquisition.

Locationary : What is it?

Locationary compete with Yelp, Yellowpage, Google Reviews, and CitySearch; however, Locationary seems more sophisticated. Local businesses can update their profile, list of products, and inventory system to their clients and publishers can receive update of thousands of unique data sources. Businesses can update their inventory levels through their Point-of-sale machine, and perhaps make it seem easier for small businesses to track their inventory levels. Of course, this system would be difficult to maintain for a grocery store that sells a ton of perishable items.  Another problem that could a rise is the ‘lost or items subject to theft’ could distort the inventory count on Locationary, since the amount is based on the point-of-sale machine. This would be real difficult if you have over 2000+ products in your store.  Hence, we are curious about how capable the Locationary system is, and would businesses actually opt-in to show their inventory levels and at what cost? It may save a consumer a trip to the store, but that’s not beneficial to local businesses. Without using this feature, it appears more like yelp or Yellow page.

Down the road

Regardless, with Apple making this mainstream on their iOS, this gives Locationary their chance to be located. Apple Maps might be more accurate and regain their face against Google. Whether or not this will restore the Apple Map’s reputation will not be known until they release the next Apple Maps. Hopefully Apple learnt a lesson. Suffering good-will impairment loss on their brand could have been easily avoided if Apple Maps started out in a beta stage. This would allow them to make excuses for all the glitches or bugs at the initial launch.  Depending whether businesses will use it, Locationary is arguably a worthy acquisition, but will it be enough to regain consumer confidence in Apple Maps?  What other innovative features will Locationary bring to Apple Maps?

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