Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be unveiled Sept 10

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The next iteration of the Apple iPhone is just approximately less than a month away, and this time, there’s been many sites saying there will be two variants of the iPhone 5 — the iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 5C. Having two variants of the iPhone is certainly a departure from the traditional Apple route of having only one main stream device. What is the iPhone 5C? and what does this mean for Apple?

Apple’s slow innovation

Why does Apple seem slow at innovating? With Apples’ first lawsuit against Samsung over copyright patents in 2011,  Apple has seemed to awaken the public to many possibilities. These lawsuits had inadvertently advertised Samsung as being victimized to some degree, or at-least given the impression that Samsung is a possible threat to them to others. With the much anticipated publicity, there were a numerous comparisons between Samsung galaxy S and Apple iphone series. And lately, Apple has been criticized by the masses, for being slow at innovating, and expensive. Of course, one of the main reasons many of us would think that Apple phone products are slow at innovating is due to the fact that Samsung releases many low specification products with-in a year (Eg. Samsung Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Mini) to inflate their release cycles, but their mainstream series, S series, and Note series still remain on a yearly update cycle. Comparing Apple and Samsung is like comparing Apples and Oranges, they are two different types of companies and each of them have their own drawback.  The main difference is that Apple has two fronts to battle — Hardware and software, while Samsung has only one — Hardware, which makes it more difficult for Apple.

Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5S & 5C

So what is the main differences between the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? iPhone 5S seems to be the traditional mainstream products that will carry the prestigious quality that the iPhone 5 exhibited. On the other hand, the iPhone 5C will be a budget smart phone; thus, the iPhone 5C is targeting younger generations that do not have as much income. The casing has been revealed to be similar to the iPhone 3GS. No words on whether the iPhone 5C’s specifications will match the iPhone 5S.  Regardless, the iPhone 5S will boast the usual incremental upgrades over the iPhone 5. The known specifications are the following:

Processor A6 processor
Camera 12 Megapixel camera
Memory 2GB
Graphics quad-core SGX 554MP4

So what does this mean for Apple?

Splitting the iPhone product line into two certainly has many drawbacks and advantages.  For example, splitting up their product lines into two would mean that they would have two product lines to optimize their software for. Since optimizing a phone takes time, it will be more difficult for Apple to be able to maintain a consistent user experience between the two iPhone 5 variants; thus,  one of their phones may perform better in some aspects. This may make the brand less premium.  On the other hand, Apple certainly breaks the barrier to those who do not have as much money to obtain the luxury iPhone, and the brand may appear less prestigious or luxury on the perceptual map. Fighting in the lower-end smart phone might not be so ideal, as android vendors have the advantage of economy of scale in terms of hardware. So would you be purchasing an Android phone, iPhone 5C, or iPhone 5S?

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