Apple’s WWDC 2013 Conference Expectations

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Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is coming up next week (Monday) and we should expect Apple to unveil the much rumoured iOS7 changes. The iOS should be receiving it’s first major design change since it was first introduced and these changes may be less appealing to the eye. Other announcements should include an upgrade to Apple’s MacBook lineups with new hardware.

The much rumoured iOS 7 design changes have sparked some negativity as it makes the iOS interface seem less appealing. What Apple did quite well when they launched iOS with the first iPhone was that it was visually appealing, even before Retina Display came in. The icons stood out with its 3D like effect which enhanced the visual quality. However, with iOS 7, this may change as Apple wants to simplify the look by making the visuals look flat (as seen in a rendered picture below).


Image courtesy of Forbes

On the MacBook products, we may see a new lineup with new Intel processors. The new Intel processors are much more efficient by having less power consumption but can perform better than before. Apple may give their MacBook Air lineup a Retina Display which will enhance the Air lineup with a great display while having an easily portable laptop.

WWDC 2013 will demonstrate where Apple is heading and whether the new iOS will be a hit with the masses. As of now, it doesn’t sound too amazing as the current iOS makes the iPhone truely stand out. The new MacBook lineup should also be interesting as Apple has been setting the standard for laptops in recent years due to their high-quality build. Look forward to updates of WWDC 2013 next week.