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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours

So it’s another year and another iteration of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line. This year, the Galaxy S7 looks to build on their previous iteration that introduced a new design for the Samsung smartphone lineup. To continue that trend, here is what has been rumoured so far with supposedly leaked photographs of this new Galaxy smartphone: Aluminium unibody design with a curved backing (poss...

Nexus 6P The Best Pure Android Device

The newly released Nexus 6P is out and are in consumer’s hands, especially for those who pre-ordered! It’s been almost a week since we got our hands on this new pure Android smartphone device and we have to admit, it is the best pure Android Nexus device made to date. Build quality and battery life are superb!

Windows 10 Review

Windows 10 has been released for over a month now and for free for those upgrading from a previous iteration of Windows. After the negativity surrounding Windows 8 when it was first released, how has Windows 10’s first impression stacked up? Let’s say, it is a very positive improvement!

Samsung Galaxy S6: Too iPhone Like?

Samsung unveiled the latest Galaxy smartphone today that sports a new design. Unlike the last 3 iterations of the Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S6 gets an upgrade with a more premium design. There is no longer a removable battery or SD card slot due to the use of a glass finish on the front and the back. Design also draw similarities with the iPhone.

iOS 8 Released

iOS 8 has officially been released today! For all the Apple iPhone and iPad users who are excited to update their devices to the latest version of iOS and have compatible iPhones and iPads, today is a great day. Sort of. Why?

What To Expect From Windows 9? Leaked Video Shows Promise

After the Windows 8 debacle, we now wait for the next release of Windows, Windows 9, from Microsoft. Leaked images and videos on the web have a shown glimpses of what the future of Windows hold. Windows 9 is looking to rid of issues that Windows 8 posed, like the new Start screen that was only suitable for a touch device. Microsoft will likely ensure that Windows 9 is user-friendly from the start ...

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A Unique Display

Samsung launched a new smartphone known as the Galaxy Note Edge. It is essentially the newly announced Galaxy Note 4, except with a bent screen on the left side. This unique curved display on the Note Edge offers some different ways of using the smartphone that has never been done before. Users can have the option of having a side menu while running an app and wouldn’t need to go through the...

Back To School Supplies: Tech Edition

It’s that time of year again where kids or adults are getting ready to go back to school. Before heading back to school, many rush to stores or electronics store to prepare for the upcoming grueling school year. Here are some back to school supplies, the tech stuff, you should get to help you survive another school year. 

Waterproof and Durable Smartphones of 2014

Here are a list of smartphones that are waterproof and/or durable of this year. We are well over halfway into the year of 2014 and if you’re thinking of buying a reliable smartphone, summer isn’t a bad time pick one up. Or, if getting the latest smartphone isn’t for you, you can check out 2013’s best waterproof and durable smartphones. Buying a waterproof and durable smartp...

Google Now From Anywhere

Ok Google! If you’re on an Android device, you can now do a Google Search by voice from anywhere on your device. Quick, efficient and hands-free searching on Google Now application is now possible no matter what you are doing on the device. All you need is your voice to use Google Now from anywhere to search. 

New Android L: A Big Deal?

During the long Google I/O 2014 keynote event, Google announced many improvements to their products and operating system. Their next version of Android, known as Android L, shows off it’s flexibility, improvements and capabilities when running on future product lines. Future Android products will receive an excellent experience which makes the new Android L a big deal. 

Amazon Fire Phone: Shop Till You Drop?

Amazon has officially enter the smartphone market that is already very competitive. Shopping till you drop…your smartphone, may be the new trend, but don’t worry about this gadget breaking. As it is another Android powered device with Amazon software, it will be competing with the likes of current Android devices like the Galaxy S5, as well as Apple iPhone and Windows Phone. But what s...