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Features Expected In iOS 7

It’s June, and the Apple iPhone 5 is just about to become a year old now. At this point, a successor might be announced at the WWDC 2013 Conference on June 10.  No doubt the iPhone 5 has become a very popular smartphone, and definitely a smart phone everyone one could pick up and know how to use in seconds. However, the iPhone 5 is not perfect, and it is far from perfect. There are many feat...

Ferrari 458 Scuderia expected at Frankfurt

The next mind blowing car from Ferrari is just about to be shown. Historically, Ferrari’s Scuderia class car are higher performance than their originals counterpart. The Ferrari 458 Scuderia is expected to show up at 2013 Frankfurt Autoshow in September. Is the Ferrari 458 Scuderia ready to compete against the Porsche GT3, and Lambourghini Gallardo Supeleggera?

Recon Jet – Google Glass has competition

If you ever read our post about whether Google Glass will be a new geeky eye glasses or a new fashion trend, you will already know what Google is planning with their new Google Glass. Whether or not Google Glass has competition was one of our questions. Now, Google Glass has competition, but just who is it? Google is one of the largest companies in the world, who dares compete with Google in this ...

Google buys quantum computers for AI development

As you probably know, personal computers have evolved a long way in a short period of time, and they are increasingly becoming more powerful everyday. Regardless, it’s always been the developers who assumes the role of master when developing a computer program. Programming a computer program to behave more like a human in today’s technology is extremely difficult.

Blackberry Messenger on iOS and Android Announced

  Blackberry Messenger  — the app that made Blackberry popular will soon be released on iOS and Android. The significance of the Blackberry platform might be at stake as the Blackberry Messenger app was once a huge driving factor for purchasing a Blackberry Smart phone in the past.

Samsung Galaxy Note II – Size Matters

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was released on September of 2012, it received a bag of mixed reviews due to it’s large 5.55 inch screen. During the time of its initial release, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s screen was larger than it’s competitors — most notably the Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple’s iPhone 5, and the original Samsung Galaxy Note series. For several month ...

MusicAdvice #3 Convert your audio CD to FLAC

Find the secret to creating the highest quality sound that will make you realize what you’ve been missing. Because audio CDs from song artists are large and clumsy to carry around, they are becoming less popular. Digital downloads are increasingly becoming the trend today; however, most websites only provide compressed lossy file formats such as mp3 downloads. These mp3 file formats lose som...

MusicAdvice #2: Get the best Headphones for you!

Has music ever sound off? Well you’ve been victim of the dreadful but easily avoidable “noisy music”. Noisy Music  may sound like an oxymoron; however, with the wrong audio equipment, you can accidentally create it easily. To get decent audio equipment is tricky and costly, but well worth it. Be careful of which headphones you choose. The old saying, “you get what you pay f...

Android tip 1: install a custom android launcher

Want to change the look of your android device without rooting it? The stock android launcher that comes with your smartphone is quite restraining to the user. Its purpose is to give a consistent user experience, and provide branding for hardware companies. Some android launchers can even provide a more unique look to the home screen for the user.

Oculus Rift VR : One large step into Virtual reality

Virtual Reality – the concept of a computer simulating an environment that a human can interact with their physical presence has always been a dream for science-fiction enthusiasts. The idea of virtual reality originates in 1860. 360 degree art through panoramic murals began to emerge and gradually over time has sought after in many fields from fine arts, music, therapeutics, army & navy...

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