Back To School Supplies: Tech Edition


It’s that time of year again where kids or adults are getting ready to go back to school. Before heading back to school, many rush to stores or electronics store to prepare for the upcoming grueling school year. Here are some back to school supplies, the tech stuff, you should get to help you survive another school year. back to school tech

1. Microsoft Surface 3 surface 3 pro

The latest iteration of Microsoft’s tablet-laptop hybrid, the Surface 3, is the perfect device to carry with you for school. Its got touchscreen capability to make navigating, especially on Windows 8, much easier and the ability to use as a laptop makes productivity even more efficient. All this on one device. There is no need to carry a tablet with you if you choose to need one for the purpose of reading your notes. Take notes like you would on an ordinary laptop or disconnect it from the keyboard cover and use it like a tablet to read or surf the web like you would on any tablet. It even has ports to plug in your USB drive. Its also light, weighing at only 800g, which makes it easy to carry around with you – weighs less than if you had to carry a tablet and laptop with you separately!

2. Nexus 5 lg-nexus-5-milannoartworks-970x0

If you’re a university student going afar to study, keeping in contact with home will important, especially if you’re on the market for a new smartphone. The Nexus 5 will be the perfect smartphone. Why? For one, you don’t have to unlock the device to use with another mobile carrier which makes this smartphone very flexible off the bat. You can also buy this device straight out of a mobile carrier store with no contract and will likely be quite cheap around this time with the Nexus 6 looming around the corner. Most of all, this Android smartphone is fast and got all the processing power as any top of the line smartphone.

3. USB Drive IF

It’s always important to have a backup of your notes, essays or miscellaneous files for school in case your computer ever crashes. A USB drive will ensure that you can easily carry the files with you. For university students, sometimes it can be useful if you ever need to scan research articles from the library or even to print your documents at school. The USB drive has become an essential tool for students and businesses to carry their documents digitally. If you already have one, then great, but its never a bad time to pick up a couple of extra one of these little tools.

4. Backpack – with laptop support

If you’re going to be lugging around that laptop, especially one that you newly bought, make sure your backpack has a compartment that supports the laptop. Your laptop dangling around in that bag that is unsupported can damage the internal parts of the computer. Here are just a list of laptop supported backpacks you can find online.


Andrew is a co-founder of DeviceCritique. As a tech savvy individual, he aims to explains tech in a simple manner while also providing support for those who need help with their devices or computers.

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