Samsung and HTC Goes Prime: Galaxy S5 Prime Vs HTC M8 Prime

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) are both being released in it’s prime form. Each known as the Galaxy S5 Prime and HTC One M8 Prime – just add prime after their names (names are not finalized). The two latest and powerful Android devices are flooding the market while latest crave for the two original devices are still going. One feature these two devices will have over it’s predecessors will be the processing speed and download speed. But are they really superior to their original predecessors?

M8 vs s5 prime

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime  

Galaxy S5 Sporting an aluminium built body? Image courtesy of Android Central.

Galaxy S5 Sporting an aluminium built body? Image courtesy of Android Central.

The Galaxy S5 Prime is an incremental upgrade from its original released, S5. Don’t expect a massive change like the name Prime added on it makes it seem. Reportedly, it is going to come with a 0.1 inch larger screen, from 5.1 inches to 5.2 inches and built with a metallic body. A metallic body over the faux leather will be an upgrade to what we are use to from Samsung smartphones – like its plastic body or faux leather which we seen lately on the S5 and Note 3. But the major upgrade on the S5 Prime is the screen resolution, which will be at 1440X2560, which is way higher than the 1080X1920 resolution. A higher resolution means sharper images on your screen.

If you’re a smartphone camera enthusiast, the S5 Prime isn’t very “prime” for you then. It is rumoured to be a downgrade compared to the original Galaxy S5, where the S5 had a 16MP back camera, 2.1MP front camera while the S5 Prime only has 15MP back and 2MP front. It may seem like a small downgrade, but the real difference is that the S5 Prime probably won’t come with an Ultra HD video recording capability, HDR and autofocus. Despite having a higher resolution display on the S5 Prime, the lack of Ultra HD recording feature makes it less special.


Image courtesy of Evleaks

HTC One M8 Prime 

The All New HTC One or HTC M8 will have its own version of Prime, M8 Prime. This version of the M8 will have a massive display size of 5.5 inches, a 0.5 inch increase from the original M8. If you’re not a giant screen enthusiast, the M8 Prime wouldn’t be the smartphone for you (the S5 Prime may be too big at over 5inches already!). Like the Galaxy S5 Prime, the M8 Prime will also sport a 1440X2560 resolution display that will provide you with sharp images for all your high res photos, videos etc. The build quality will be like the original M8 or even M7 and will be built with an aluminum body. But the Prime form may also sport a waterproof body, making this aluminum built device more durable than before. You can take a shower and text message now or use it in the rain with reckless abandon!

In terms of the camera, the HTC One Prime will likely be bringing back all the features and specs without any compromises like the S5 Prime is reportedly receiving. It won’t receive any upgrades either, like an Ultra HD video recording capabilities that the Galaxy S5 can perform. But where the M8 Prime will beat out the S5 Prime in camera features are that M8 Prime will have your HDR and autofocus abilities.

We will see next month for what the two Android Prime devices will have in store when they are announced. Both Prime devices will sport high-end specs like their “smaller” predecessors, but with minor changes like a faster processor and 3GB RAM. Size is the biggest difference of these Prime devices and can be an issue to some as they are larger and will do the same thing as the original S5 and M8 smartphones. The best upgrade is probably the rumoured display resolution of 1440×2560 which is higher than HD! The battle between the two Prime devices will be between size, build quality and camera functionality. Will you be getting your hands on one of the Prime smartphones?

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  1. Doesnt shoot 4k? what rubbish, the whole point of the 805 snap dragon chip is 4k video. Let’s hope this rumor isn’t true.


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