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The LG G5 smartphone delivers a new style of mobile phones with its modules, where users can switch modules by pulling the bottom of the phone off to insert a new module according to the user’s needs. The unique customization offers a new feature not seen on the smartphone market. Such a unique feature could make it one of the best smartphones in 2016 – if executed properly. Here’s more on this feature.

Customizable Smartphone for Uniqueness

LGG5Giving users the ability to swap modules is a new idea in the ever saturated world of smartphones today. Every smartphone delivers similar hardware and the standout device will need to offer unique or gimmicky features. LG’s new take is a unique way of allowing users to cater their smartphones to their needs – whether it be for photographers, high-fidelity audio listeners or requiring to swap the battery. This doesn’t sacrifice too much on the design either, as the smartphone can be taken apart from the bottom where a new module is inserted to cater to the user’s needs. It essentially adds a new hardware for performance capability, though at an additional cost. We can also say that it is a niche need for users. Here is a commercial that demonstrates how easy the modules work.

The Modules

The Modules

The Modules

For photography enthusiasts, the module known as LG Cam Plus offers users the ability to grip their phone like it is a DSLR camera. Users will have the basic features of a camera on their phone such as shutter key, zoom, video recording and a camera on or off button. Although nice to have for those who enjoy taking photos with their smartphone, this doesn’t add any real photography elements that will replace your DSLR camera, but rather makes it easy to grip and handle all your photography needs.

For music listeners, audiophiles especially, the Hi-Fi Plus module adds a new DAC for hi-res audio listening. This module unlike the Cam Plus adds a real hardware element to the smartphone. Music listeners who want much better audio quality output can do so with this module. It is also possible to use this module to power your music listening on a 3rd party devices like so.

The Best of 2016?

We have Apple iPhone 6 and 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as one of the top smartphones on the market and LG chose a unique path for their flagship smartphone. Many smartphones on the market have creative ways to cater to their users’ needs, but LG has chosen the path of enabling a smartphone to be semi-customizable to add a new user experience. Whether it will be the best smartphone of 2016 is difficult to say, as basic performance wise is almost equal to their competitors. However, it surely is the most creative smartphone on the market – one that has unique elements vs other flagship smartphones on the market.

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