Blackberry Messenger on iOS and Android Announced



Blackberry MessengerBlackberry Messenger  — the app that made Blackberry popular will soon be released on iOS and Android. The significance of the Blackberry platform might be at stake as the Blackberry Messenger app was once a huge driving factor for purchasing a Blackberry Smart phone in the past.

Blackberry Messenger will compete in the multi-platform messaging app market which is currently dominated by a single messaging application — Whatsapp messenger. Here’s what the current competition looks like below:

Messenger Name Approx. User Base Platforms supported
Blackberry Messenger 60 Million Blackberry OS
Whatsapp 200 Million Android OS, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone
iMessage 140 Million iOS, MAC

Blackberry Messenger will face an uphill battle against the mainstream messaging app Whatsapp, and it will be quite difficult for Blackberry to regain market share. Blackberry is making this app FREE in the summer. Through this pricing strategy, Blackberry hopes to gain a critical mass of users to drive adoption rates up. Will this move dilute the Blackberry’s brand?

Blackberry Messenger VS Whatsapp Messenger Features

Blackberry Messenger provides these current features:

  • Delivery and Read status to tell whether your messages have been read
  • Mult-person Chat
  • Voice Note Sharing
  • BBM groups
  • Music sharing
  • Video Calling

Whatsapp messenger– the competition provides the following features:

  • Delivery and Read status to tell whether your messages have been read
  • Mult-person Chat
  • Voice Note Sharing
  • Emoticons
  • picture-sharing
  • video-sharing
  • location sharing
  • Audio Sharing
  • photo-sharing

Blackberry has only a few features that set it a part from Whatsapp Messenger. This is the video Calling feature which could be easily copied. There isn’t much difference between the two messengers, and is hard to distinguish them from each other. It is going to be tough for Blackberry to take on Whatsapp Messenger mainly due to the fact that Whatsapp associates your phone number as your identity; whereas, BBM uses a BBM pin which is not as convenient. Conveniences plays a huge role in the adoption of messaging applications.

Blackberry had a huge chance to capture the messaging app market a few years ago when Blackberry was still popular. Whatsapp messenger is the current market leader in multi-platform messaging app market, and  Blackberry messenger is no way near capturing the emerging markets, and has only one competitive advantage over Whatsapp messenger which is the video-calling feature which could be easily copied.

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