LG G5 Best Smartphone 2016?

The LG G5 smartphone delivers a new style of mobile phones with its modules, where users can switch modules by pulling the bottom of the phone off to insert a new module according to the user’s needs. The unique customization offers a new feature not seen on the smartphone market. Such a unique feature could make it one of the best smartphones in 2016 – if executed properly. Here’...

Nexus 6P The Best Pure Android Device

The newly released Nexus 6P is out and are in consumer’s hands, especially for those who pre-ordered! It’s been almost a week since we got our hands on this new pure Android smartphone device and we have to admit, it is the best pure Android Nexus device made to date. Build quality and battery life are superb!

Samsung and HTC Goes Prime: Galaxy S5 Prime Vs HTC M8 Prime

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) are both being released in it’s prime form. Each known as the Galaxy S5 Prime and HTC One M8 Prime – just add prime after their names (names are not finalized). The two latest and powerful Android devices are flooding the market while latest crave for the two original devices are still going. One feature these two devices will have over it’s...

All new HTC One M8: Quality in your hands

HTC ramps up their game and introduces the all new HTC One series phone. This revision is called the HTC One M8. The one question we’ve been wondering is why call it the M8? There are many possibilities. Urban Dictionary states M8 is a short way of saying “mate”, and pronounced “M-eight”. If this is true, if you say it out loud, it would sound like, HTC One Mate. Of c...

Sony Xperia Z2 – 4K video capture on a phone

Just imagine you are scuba diving underwater in a beautiful river with a school of fish swimming all over the endless waters. You are capturing ultra definition video with your Sony Xperia Z2 smart phone conveniently at your pleasure. With the Z2’s Waterproof standards of IP58, the device is protected in fresh water as long as as it does not go below 1.5 meters. Once you are out of the water...

Nexus 5 Is A True Android Experience

Ready for the next Google Nexus smartphone? The Nexus 5 smartphone was announced today and it features the latest hardware and software by Google and LG. This latest iteration of the Nexus smartphone will hopefully be what everyone has been looking forward to when upgrading to the latest device. But one thing is for sure, Nexus 5 is a true Android experience, like many Nexus devices. 

Curved Display On The Samsung Galaxy Round

So after a long wait and rumours about curved displays on smartphones, Samsung has announced their new product, the Galaxy Round which sports the curved display panel. This gigantic smartphone is like their Galaxy Note 3 without a stylus or S-Pen as they call it, but comes with a fancy new style display that allows a more unique look to the overall body of the device. Apart from it’s curved ...

Zedge App: Custom Wallpapers and Ringtones

If you haven’t already tried this app, the Zedge app allows users to find some great custom wallpapers and ringtones for their Android or iPhone smartphone device. With a large selection of almost everything, your smartphone background and ringtone will never get too bland and generic. Most of all, everything is FREE to download, including the app.

Sony’s Portable Camera Lens For Smartphones

Sony recently introduced two portable camera lenses for smartphones, DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100, each model comes with different zoom. Smartphone cameras have always been limited due to their need to be smaller and more compact but there has never been a balance that will allow users to have more zooming ability with more megapixels and high quality photographs on their smartphone devices. Sony may ha...

Sony Xperia Z1 A True Portable Camera Phone

Get ready for a true portable camera phone. Sony announced the new Xperia smartphone known as the Xperia Z1. This smartphone’s main feature is it’s 20.7MP camera with camera hardware that will offer users excellent photo quality through a smartphone. Users who enjoy taking photos will definitely find the Xperia Z1 a true portable camera phone. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Announced: Is It Too Big?

The next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Note series has been announced. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out as a bigger version than it’s predecessor, Note 2, with newer hardware and software features. However, would this device just be getting to the range of being too big? 

Google Nexus 7 2013 Features + Performance

The Nexus 7 2013 sets the bar for the next generation 7 inch tablet market yet again. The concept of mixing the software of Google and the hardware of Asus together into one cohesive product is truly amazing. On one hand, there’s the full stock Android experience that opens the possibility to personalize your tablet to your liking. On the other hand, Asus’s hardware team provided a nic...

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