Asus Transformer Pad infinity: 2560×1600 Goodness

Asusbots transform! It’s that time again!  It’s time for the Asus Transformer to transform.  Asus has just announced that their Asus Transformer Pad infinity tablet is just about to get better. The Asus Transformer pad infinity is about to get a new 2560 x 1600 display. This will upgrade their existing 1920 x 1200 resolution line up — the TF700.

Nexus Experience Coming To HTC One

After Google announced a Nexus experience for the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the Google I/O, HTC had just announced a Nexus experience version for their HTC One smartphone. This means that users can have the experience of stock Android with a high-quality design of the HTC One. This HTC One should also be receiving timely updates from Google on future Android updates. The Nexus experience HTC One will r...

Samsung Galaxy S4 With Stock Android

How does a top of the line Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone with stock Android out of the box sound? At the 2013 Google I/O Conference, Google announced the launch of a Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android built into the smartphone.   This means users will be able to have the hardware power of the Galaxy S4 without Samsung’s tweaked Android user-interface known as Touchwiz. It will offer th...

Samsung Galaxy Note II – Size Matters

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was released on September of 2012, it received a bag of mixed reviews due to it’s large 5.55 inch screen. During the time of its initial release, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s screen was larger than it’s competitors — most notably the Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple’s iPhone 5, and the original Samsung Galaxy Note series. For several month ...

Screebl App Keeps Screen On

Screebl app from the Google Play Store is the perfect app to keep the device screen on for users when they are using their Western union fees Android smartphone or tablet devices. It is especially useful for users who find the Smart Stay feature to be useful in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4 but decided to root and install a custom firmware that is not based on Touc...

Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One

Are you having a difficult time deciding between purchasing the very prestigious HTC One, or the feature-craze Samsung Galaxy S4? Since we are tech specialist, we want to help a bro out with a simple post about these two great devices. First, lets make this clear. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are BOTH great phones. Since they are both great phone, how do we choose which one is best for yo...

Google Play Store Update Offers A New Layout

Google released an update to the Play Store  that is still being pushed out to Android smartphones and tablets. The update brings the Google Play Store to version 4.0 and offers a new layout. The new layout found in the update  makes the Play Store brighter instead of the dark themed main screen found when users first entered the Google Play Store. The update also offers a simple look on the main ...

Android tip 1: install a custom android launcher

Want to change the look of your android device without rooting it? The stock android launcher that comes with your smartphone is quite restraining to the user. Its purpose is to give a consistent user experience, and provide branding for hardware companies. Some android launchers can even provide a more unique look to the home screen for the user.

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