Meet the Next BMW 3 Series replacement – BMW 4 Series

The famous German automobile maker, Bavarian Motor Works (BMW), has decided to add “one” more series to the already intense BMW 3 Series, hence, re-branding the series into the BMW 4 series. The BMW 4 series is expected to be available in late summer. This will definitely replace the legendary BMW 3 series and leave it as part of BMW’s history as one of BMW classics. What are the...

Ferrari 458 Scuderia expected at Frankfurt

The next mind blowing car from Ferrari is just about to be shown. Historically, Ferrari’s Scuderia class car are higher performance than their originals counterpart. The Ferrari 458 Scuderia is expected to show up at 2013 Frankfurt Autoshow in September. Is the Ferrari 458 Scuderia ready to compete against the Porsche GT3, and Lambourghini Gallardo Supeleggera?