Google Now From Anywhere

Ok Google! If you’re on an Android device, you can now do a Google Search by voice from anywhere on your device. Quick, efficient and hands-free searching on Google Now application is now possible no matter what you are doing on the device. All you need is your voice to use Google Now from anywhere to search. 

Which Cloud Stores Best: Dropbox or Google Drive?

Between Dropbox and Google Drive, which would you rather use for backing up your files? Both services offer enough storage space to upload various files and folders for users to easily access from anywhere. Accessible files for personal or professional uses is quite important in today’s age. But which service offers the best cloud storage for productivity, backup and server-like needs? Dropb...

Battle Royale – Google Drive vs Microsoft Office

Two gigantic online multi-user document editing software at war, and leaving one in substantial uncertainty.  How did this battle begin? Find out as we will explore the broad forces that are at work between two online software – Google Docs and Microsoft Office. What is this battle about, and what is at stake? These are the questions that plague the internet. Google is one of the largest sea...

Nexus 5 Is A True Android Experience

Ready for the next Google Nexus smartphone? The Nexus 5 smartphone was announced today and it features the latest hardware and software by Google and LG. This latest iteration of the Nexus smartphone will hopefully be what everyone has been looking forward to when upgrading to the latest device. But one thing is for sure, Nexus 5 is a true Android experience, like many Nexus devices. 

Android Device Manager Boost Security

Google has launched their Android Device Manager that will allow users to track their Android device(s). The Android Device Manager can also erase all data on the Android device through your computer on a Google account, which will help those who lost their Android device to keep private information off the wrong hands. 

Moto X: Design Offers User Personality

The highly anticipated Motorola Moto X smartphone will bring design customization and hands-free functionality. It is the first Motorola smartphone that was designed by Google since taking over the company. It’s specs may not be what you want, but it’s design customization can give it some personality that fits the user.  The Moto X smartphone features were leaked weeks before an annou...

Android 4.3 Update

Last week, Google released a minor update for Android, from 4.2.2 to 4.3. Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 device users should’ve received this update by now. This update brings in a small feature that allows users to create profile restrictions when there is more than one profile on the Android device. We are still waiting for Android 5.0 (key Lime Pie) which should offer new features and better functio...

Google In Your Living Room: Chromecast

Ready to enjoy media content from your smartphone and tablet devices onto your HDTV? Google is entering your living room to help you stream content onto your television through a low cost device known as Chromecast. A tiny device that is wireless and goes into your HDTV via HDMI port will allow you to stream YouTube and Netflix content off your Android, iOS and Chromebook devices which will allow ...

Nexus 7 with Full High Definition Display Announced

Can you believe that Google is pushing forward with a Nexus 7 with Full High Definition Display ? Google has finally announce today that the next Nexus 7 will be receiving a 1920 x 1200 px resolution display upgrade on July 30th which is exciting news since there has not been any 7 to 8 inch tablets with full high definition experience.

Newly Designed Google Maps

Google announced at the Google I/O event that they are revamping the Google Maps app to provide more customizations and unique features to each individual user. Google newly designed Google Maps have a cleaner interface with information that can be easily access and simple to use. Along with the improved interface, Google added more imagery for the maps and a third-person “live outer space v...

Recon Jet – Google Glass has competition

If you ever read our post about whether Google Glass will be a new geeky eye glasses or a new fashion trend, you will already know what Google is planning with their new Google Glass. Whether or not Google Glass has competition was one of our questions. Now, Google Glass has competition, but just who is it? Google is one of the largest companies in the world, who dares compete with Google in this ...

Google buys quantum computers for AI development

As you probably know, personal computers have evolved a long way in a short period of time, and they are increasingly becoming more powerful everyday. Regardless, it’s always been the developers who assumes the role of master when developing a computer program. Programming a computer program to behave more like a human in today’s technology is extremely difficult.

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