LG G5 Best Smartphone 2016?

The LG G5 smartphone delivers a new style of mobile phones with its modules, where users can switch modules by pulling the bottom of the phone off to insert a new module according to the user’s needs. The unique customization offers a new feature not seen on the smartphone market. Such a unique feature could make it one of the best smartphones in 2016 – if executed properly. Here’...

Nexus 5 Is A True Android Experience

Ready for the next Google Nexus smartphone? The Nexus 5 smartphone was announced today and it features the latest hardware and software by Google and LG. This latest iteration of the Nexus smartphone will hopefully be what everyone has been looking forward to when upgrading to the latest device. But one thing is for sure, Nexus 5 is a true Android experience, like many Nexus devices. 

Flexible Displays By LG Coming

Bending your mobile device’s display screen may soon be possible! LG is set to bring their flexible display technology in the 4th quarter of this year for their clients. An upcoming LG smartphone is also rumoured to be using a flexible display screen.