Playstation 4.5? Rumoured New Improved Hardware in the Works

The Playstation 4 which ushered in the next generation (or current generation now) of gaming about 3 years ago, is rumoured to see an upgrade on its hardware as Sony is believed to be working on a newer console for this generation. Call it Playstation 4.5 if you will. Playstation 4.5 – Better Gaming Experience? It is believed that this upgrade will allow the “Playstation 4.5” the...

World Cup in 4K Resolution: When Can you get 4K?

As the world watches the World Cup 2014 hosted by Brazil, FIFA agreed with Sony to shoot some of their games in 4K that will allow you to watch the World Cup in 4K resolution. Devices like the Galaxy S5 or Xperiz Z2 can already record in 4K resolution. But what about consuming 4K on the big screen? Sony is one of the first TV makers to push out a 4K television; however, without any 4K resolution l...

Sony Digital Paper: The Perfect Paper Replacement?

Are you prepared to ditch paper? It might save a lot of trees and avoid clear cutting of forests. Sony launched the Digital Paper product as a way to replace paper. It is essentially a tablet, but not quite, more like an e-book reader, where font and graphics are much easier on the eyes. Can this new Sony product be practical enough to replace paper with Digital Paper?

Sony Xperia Z2 – 4K video capture on a phone

Just imagine you are scuba diving underwater in a beautiful river with a school of fish swimming all over the endless waters. You are capturing ultra definition video with your Sony Xperia Z2 smart phone conveniently at your pleasure. With the Z2’s Waterproof standards of IP58, the device is protected in fresh water as long as as it does not go below 1.5 meters. Once you are out of the water...

Sony 4K camcorder FDR-AX100 FDR-AX1

In our last discussion about 4K Television, we talked about the technical issues surrounding 4K television, and how Sony needs to address many of these problems to make 4K television a success. Introducing new technology such as 4K is not a simple process, and is like putting together a puzzle. After placing 4K television on the puzzle board, Sony will needs to fuel the demand for such product by ...

Sony PlayStation4 and Xbox One

It’s no doubt that Sony made an impressive grand opening with the launch of the PS4 a few days ago. Just selling over 1 million units in US and Canada, the Sony Playstation4 appears to be selling well. The Xbox One will be launching tomorrow — November 22nd, and we will finally see these two titans clash.  However, one question still remains, with the negative publicity regarding the i...

Zedge App: Custom Wallpapers and Ringtones

If you haven’t already tried this app, the Zedge app allows users to find some great custom wallpapers and ringtones for their Android or iPhone smartphone device. With a large selection of almost everything, your smartphone background and ringtone will never get too bland and generic. Most of all, everything is FREE to download, including the app.

Sony’s Portable Camera Lens For Smartphones

Sony recently introduced two portable camera lenses for smartphones, DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100, each model comes with different zoom. Smartphone cameras have always been limited due to their need to be smaller and more compact but there has never been a balance that will allow users to have more zooming ability with more megapixels and high quality photographs on their smartphone devices. Sony may ha...

Sony Xperia Z1 A True Portable Camera Phone

Get ready for a true portable camera phone. Sony announced the new Xperia smartphone known as the Xperia Z1. This smartphone’s main feature is it’s 20.7MP camera with camera hardware that will offer users excellent photo quality through a smartphone. Users who enjoy taking photos will definitely find the Xperia Z1 a true portable camera phone. 

Durable and Shatter Proof Smartphones

Looking for durable and shatter proof smartphones that will give you a reliable and premium build quality? Here are some smartphones you should check out based on their strong build quality.

Sony Camera NEX-5T coming soon

Sony’s NEX series certainly has a variety of interesting line up of Sony Cameras. These Sony Cameras are equipped with an APS-C size sensor to provides entry-level dslr image quality. There’s an arsenal of 21 lenses to choose from, and a beautiful 3 inch swivel screen to do your self-portraits or video blogging. It’s growing popularity has given birth to a variety of third party ...

Sony Xperia i1 Honami: Quality Camera Phone

Looking for a smartphone with better camera capabilities? Sony’s next smartphone known as the Xperia i1 Honami will sport a 20.7 megapixel camera, larger than any high-end smartphone out on the market. This device will be nearing a phablet smartphone territory but should make for a great device for those looking for a smartphone with an excellent camera. The Xperia i1 Honami is expected to b...

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