Iris Scanner Coming to the Samsung Note 7?

Will the finger print scanner be something of the past? Samsung recently registered ‘Samsung Iris’ and ‘Samsung eyeprint’  trademarks. Both names which suggest they have successfully developed a new type of bio-metric scanner that can scan your retinas, and use this data as way of authentication. This technology will most likely be used on their next smartphone, the Galaxy ...

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours

So it’s another year and another iteration of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line. This year, the Galaxy S7 looks to build on their previous iteration that introduced a new design for the Samsung smartphone lineup. To continue that trend, here is what has been rumoured so far with supposedly leaked photographs of this new Galaxy smartphone: Aluminium unibody design with a curved backing (poss...

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A Unique Display

Samsung launched a new smartphone known as the Galaxy Note Edge. It is essentially the newly announced Galaxy Note 4, except with a bent screen on the left side. This unique curved display on the Note Edge offers some different ways of using the smartphone that has never been done before. Users can have the option of having a side menu while running an app and wouldn’t need to go through the...

Samsung and HTC Goes Prime: Galaxy S5 Prime Vs HTC M8 Prime

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) are both being released in it’s prime form. Each known as the Galaxy S5 Prime and HTC One M8 Prime – just add prime after their names (names are not finalized). The two latest and powerful Android devices are flooding the market while latest crave for the two original devices are still going. One feature these two devices will have over it’s...

Curved Display On The Samsung Galaxy Round

So after a long wait and rumours about curved displays on smartphones, Samsung has announced their new product, the Galaxy Round which sports the curved display panel. This gigantic smartphone is like their Galaxy Note 3 without a stylus or S-Pen as they call it, but comes with a fancy new style display that allows a more unique look to the overall body of the device. Apart from it’s curved ...

Zedge App: Custom Wallpapers and Ringtones

If you haven’t already tried this app, the Zedge app allows users to find some great custom wallpapers and ringtones for their Android or iPhone smartphone device. With a large selection of almost everything, your smartphone background and ringtone will never get too bland and generic. Most of all, everything is FREE to download, including the app.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Announced: Is It Too Big?

The next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Note series has been announced. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out as a bigger version than it’s predecessor, Note 2, with newer hardware and software features. However, would this device just be getting to the range of being too big? 

Durable and Shatter Proof Smartphones

Looking for durable and shatter proof smartphones that will give you a reliable and premium build quality? Here are some smartphones you should check out based on their strong build quality.

Samsung Galaxy tab 3 Series unveiling

Samsung’s next generation Galaxy tab series, the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 series is currently being reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission as we type. Can you believe they are releasing 3 different tablets for this series, a 7.0 inch, 8.0 inch, and a 10.1 inch tablet?

Waterproof Galaxy S4 Active

Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 gives consumers the choice of an S4 that can be used in water environments. This device is almost similar to the original Galaxy S4, only exceptions are some of the hardware features and a durable waterproof build.

Samsung Galaxy S4 With Stock Android

How does a top of the line Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone with stock Android out of the box sound? At the 2013 Google I/O Conference, Google announced the launch of a Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android built into the smartphone.   This means users will be able to have the hardware power of the Galaxy S4 without Samsung’s tweaked Android user-interface known as Touchwiz. It will offer th...

Samsung Galaxy Note II – Size Matters

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was released on September of 2012, it received a bag of mixed reviews due to it’s large 5.55 inch screen. During the time of its initial release, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s screen was larger than it’s competitors — most notably the Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple’s iPhone 5, and the original Samsung Galaxy Note series. For several month ...

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