Xperia Z Ultra Announced

Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra was announced last week which will offer users an even bigger phablet device on the market. If you require a high end giant smartphone that is bigger than what is out on the market, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is right for you. This phablet with it’s gigantic and durable 6.4inch display is also waterproof like their Xperia Z¬†smartphone.¬†

Xperia Z Ultra: A Sony Phablet coming

Are you in need of a phablet device that is even larger than what is on the market to help your eyes read the screen? Sony is set to announce a phablet device at a press conference on July 4 in France. The device is known as the Xperia Z Ultra with a screen size of just 6.4 inches. Based on the press conference invite picture released, the Sony phablet device appears to be very thin (6.5mm) which ...

Sony Playstation 4 A Winner?

Is Sony going to win the console war this time? We think the Playstation 4 certainly has a big edge over their competitor–the Xbox One. Sony revealed the Playstation 4 console box at E3 2013 and it will fit nicely in your living room’s home entertainment space. But most importantly, it will give users the choice to play used games and without the need to be always connected to the inte...

Waterproof Nexus Edition Smartphone?

As Samsung and HTC are both releasing a Nexus edition smartphone of the Galaxy S4 and One, Sony may be doing the same with their own high-end smartphone. The waterproof Sony Xperia Z may be launching as a Nexus edition smartphone which will add another device on the market running the stock Android operating system by Google. The Xperia Z as a Nexus smartphone may be an enticing choice as it featu...

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