Sony PlayStation4 and Xbox One

It’s no doubt that Sony made an impressive grand opening with the launch of the PS4 a few days ago. Just selling over 1 million units in US and Canada, the Sony Playstation4 appears to be selling well. The Xbox One will be launching tomorrow — November 22nd, and we will finally see these two titans clash. ¬†However, one question still remains, with the negative publicity regarding the i...

Xbox One: Your Home Entertainment Device

Microsoft announced their next generation of gaming console last week. Most surprising part of the announcement was that Microsoft didn’t call the next Xbox the Xbox 720, but as the Xbox One. This new gaming console features many great capabilities for your home entertainment needs that is more than just gaming.

Ready For The New Xbox Console?

Are you ready for the next generation of the Xbox video gaming console? The Xbox 360 was a huge success for Microsoft even with the hardware issues when it was initially released ahead of the Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3. The Kinect that was later introduced, which targeted the casual audience like the Wii, introduced motion control for the console. We expect the new Xbox to build on the su...