Zedge App: Custom Wallpapers and Ringtones

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A list of featured wallpapers on Zedge

If you haven’t already tried this app, the Zedge app allows users to find some great custom wallpapers and ringtones for their Android or iPhone smartphone device. With a large selection of almost everything, your smartphone background and ringtone will never get too bland and generic. Most of all, everything is FREE to download, including the app.

Sometimes, finding the right wallpapers to suit your personality or customization experience can be difficult. Through the Zedge Wallpaper app, users can find many unique looking wallpapers and can be searched by categories. Categories range from Auto&Vehicles, Anime, Entertainment, Music, Nature/Landscape, Sports, Technology and many more. All of the wallpapers you will find can look very stunning and artistic which will definitely fit on many smartphone device’s home screen background, filling it with colours and excellent graphics or whichever content you choose.

Need Ringtones?

If you need ringtones instead of the generic ones that come standard with your device, or you are just tired of the songs you are using as your custom ringtone, Zedge has many unique ringtones for you. Everything from sound effects from movies or TV shows to quotes from actors or actresses or just the generic ringtone music from other device makers if you enjoy the other generic ringtones not found on your current brand of smartphone. With the vast amounts of ringtones available to download, users can differentiate their smartphone ringtone from other users and can show a bit of personality out of it.

The Zedge app will suit your customization needs, especially if you are an Android user trying to fill your rooted device or Nova Launcher Themes with the right background and ringtone that suits your personality or even just enhancing the custom viewing experience. With a plethora of wallpapers and ringtones, you will find what you need to have a cool looking background and custom ringtone.

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