Experiencing The Super Bowl With Tech


So it’s NFL Super Bowl Sunday, where many eyes are staring at a television set to either watch the game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks or tuning into those ever popular, highly expensive commercials (although if you’re from Canada you might not see the American commercials). With that in mind, there are many ways people are following the Super Bowl and in most cases, experiencing the Super Bowl with tech like using a computer or mobile device. Here’s how people will experience this spectacle that isn’t like how we used to follow the Super Bowl.

Television Experience

Sony 4K Ultra HD Display

Everyone enjoys watching sports on a nice ultra high-definition flat screen television. Nothing beats watching live sports in true reality entertainment. Whether you would be tuning in on your large 50 inch to 60 inch or even larger TV, you get to immerse yourself in the fine details of a football game on TV. Televisions like the Sony XBR 4K ultra-HD will surely give you a great viewing experience with it’s 55 to 65 and even a glamorous 85 inch screen size, or whichever HDTV you have in your living room. Although no broadcasters are using UHD yet, as it does require a lot bandwidth, there is nothing wrong with being ahead of the curve when it comes to tech!

NFL Fantasy through Xbox One Image courtesy of Xbox.com

NFL Fantasy through Xbox One
Image courtesy of Xbox.com

How about that set-top box you’re using to bring in the HD signal from your cable provider? Unless you are using over-the-air signal, you are probably using some sort of set-top box that is hooked up onto your HDTV. We got set-top boxes like the Xbox One, although plugged in using the HDMI-IN port where the signal comes from your TV carriers’ set top box, it will allow viewers to seamlessly transition from their Xbox games, music, videos to watching TV right through their game console. It even follows your NFL Fantasy, if you play, where the Fantasy ticker can be displayed right on your screen as you follow the game. Pretty neat feature for all those NFL fanatics out there. We have to admit, this Xbox One console can be quite convenient for your home entertainment needs, especially for all the NFL fans who take part in the yearly Fantasy games and want to keep track of their scores. (Nothing available yet for all you NFL betters).

Experiencing Super Bowl on mobile


And of course, if you’re an avid fan but can’t stay home or be anywhere to watch the game, you can follow the scores and updates via mobile device. Whether that be on your smartphone like the new iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nexus 5 or by any of the waterproof/shatterproof devices because you are hanging out in a swimming pool without a television nearby and want to follow the scores. A great mobile app to follow sports can be “the Score mobile” which covers pretty much all the major global sports leagues. Some carriers even offer live TV streaming directly to your smartphone, and in that case, we prefer you to use a smartphone with a giant screen like the Note 3 or Sony Xperia Ultra  or even tablet devices like the iPad mini with Retina or Google Nexus 7. That way, you don’t subject yourself to watching a game on a tiny screen trying to find where the ball is and will offer the best viewing pleasure for the final game in the NFL season in the Super Bowl spectacle.

So how are you going to experience the Super Bowl with the gadgets at your disposal?


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