iOSAdvice #1 : Extend your iOS device’s battery life

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Extend your iOS device's battery lifeWant to know some easy tips and tricks that will extend your iOS device’s battery life to keep your device running for longer periods of time? One of the most frustrating issue that any smartphone user has to face is that dreadful low battery pop up. Depending on which operating system your phone has, there are many user optimizations the user can preform to extend the battery life of your device. In this case, we will explore many ways that you can increase the battery-life of an iOS device.

Extend your iOS device’s battery life

1. Turn off Auto-Brightness

Auto-Brightness does not actually help increase your battery-life. In fact, we found a 20% drop in battery-life when it’s on. Interestingly we found that the Auto-Brightness feature is made to allow the user to view the screen as clear as possible based on the light sensor, and does not take in account of battery drainage. iOS will turn up the brightness of your screen when you’re device is in direct light just to make sure you are able to view the screen. So your device will utilize more power during the day. On top of that, the light sensor will draw additional power, so having this feature will surely decrease your battery-life. If you have jailbreak your iPhone you can turn off the auto brightness settings and manage the brightness settings via SBSettings easily. If you haven’t, you will have to manually manage your brightness settings, to do this, go to your settings app, Brightness & Wallpaper >, and tap the switch on Auto-Brightness, and slide brightness bar to the left to lower the brightness.

2. Disable LTE

Disabling LTE will extend your iOS device’s battery life. Since the iPhone 5 LTE modem is not connected to your own 3G modem, it will not affect the phone’s ability to receive/send data or receive phone calls. Also, 3G is fast enough for you to send and receive data from your messenger apps. You will only need to use LTE for downloading large files, or streaming videos. Thus, it would be easier for you to leave the LTE feature off and turn it off when necessary. To reach your LTE settings, go to the Settings app, and General >, Cellular >, and Enable LTE.

3. Turn off Vibrate on Ring

We were surprised on how much power the vibrate module uses, and an easy way to extend your iOS device’s battery life is just to disable it on ring. It’s quite obvious that having the speakers and vibrate on simultaneously would drain the battery a lot faster than just having the speakers on to play your favorite ring tone. So how do you turn this feature off? go to the Settings app >, Sounds > and Vibrate on Ring. On the flip-side, you will have to turn on silent mode to get it vibrate in a crowded supermarket or mall to know that you’re receiving a call. This is compensated by the easy silent switch on the iPhone’s side.

Extend your iOS device's battery life

4. Turn off Location-Based iAds

Turning off Location-Based iAds will certainly stop iAds to from using your GPS module, and since your GPS module uses more energy, it is very important to turn this function off. To do this go to your settings app > privacy > Location Services > (Scroll all the way to the bottom) > System Services > and disable Location-Based iAds.

Extend your iOS device's battery life

5. Restrict Cellular data usage for certain apps

There are certain apps you want Cellular Data to retrieve information and others apps whom are less important which in cases you do not want to enable data usage for. Restricting these apps will save you lots of energy consumption. You can change these settings in the settings app, Cellular > and scroll all the way down in the “Use Cellular Data for:” section. Here you’ll be able to manage which apps you what the Cellular Data will be used for.

There many other ways to conserve battery-life such as turn off bluetooth or personal hotspot; however, this is dependent on whether or not you’re using these features at the moment. As a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to leave it off when you’re are not using it; however, sometimes it’s not easy managing these little details as the iOS operating system does not make it easy especially if you have not jailbreaked your iPhone. However, with the release of the new iOS 7, they will add easy access to the settings which will make it more convenient to disable blue-tooth or personal hotspot and other services. Is this a feature that should have been implemented a long time a go?

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