Features Expected In iOS 7

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It’s June, and the Apple iPhone 5 is just about to become a year old now. At this point, a successor might be announced at the WWDC 2013 Conference on June 10.  No doubt the iPhone 5 has become a very popular smartphone, and definitely a smart phone everyone one could pick up and know how to use in seconds. However, the iPhone 5 is not perfect, and it is far from perfect. There are many features expected in iOS 7, so how can Apple make iOS better. Here’s the speculation.

Features expected in iOS 7

Features we would love to see in iOS 7
1. Add a better way to manage apps in the task manager — It can be tedious closing all the apps one by one. To make matters worst,  there’s only four icons that can be shown per page. Users will spend a few minutes having to close all the apps that they have open, and we usually open a lot of apps. Just imagine the added value of shaking your phone while in the task manager to close all the open Apps.

2.  Add new commands to Siri – With the new Google Now app on Apple iPhone, Siri has to compete with Google Now. So far Siri is surviving due to the fact Siri cannot replace Google Now on the iPhone. We’d like Apple to add more to Siri’s functionality. We are dying for Siri to update us on the latest news, or at-least give us the ability to pull up our news feed.

3. Easy way to call your friend when you’re text messaging them — In stead of having to scroll all the way to the top to call the contact, perhaps a feature they could implement easily is making the contact name a touchable button at the top of the message app to prompt a additional options to the user. The user can then choose to call or display their contact information.  That would be very useful and integrate the contact and messaging apps together.

4. Add Thesaurus function on keyboard –  Just imagine when typing a message, and having the ability to switch-out different words to make your point across.

5.  More home screen Customizing — So far they’ve only added folders  into the mix. Now the problem is, imagine a day you decided to download a bunch of random apps to try them out. The end result is that there’s a list of unorganized apps on your home screen and what can you do about it? Well first you can manually add them to folders, but that would take time. So if they implement a way to auto folder or auto sort the apps by category, that would make iOS less cluttered and certainly be more efficient. Since there is hardly any alternatives to the home screen, ei. there’s no way of installing a custom launcher unlike on Android, Apple has to make sure everyone loves their home screen; otherwise, users can switch to Android.

6. Extend the notification functionality — Extending the notification area would definitely add value to the user. If Apple added a news feed in the notification area, it’d allow users have all their news in the notification area with out having to go through all in individual apps to gather it, which can be quite tedious.

These are just a few Features expected in iOS 7. If these features were implemented, there’ll be a lot of added value to the user experience. Since these would certainly boast information retrieval efficiency, users will be able to access their news and connect faster.  Top it off with new iPhone Hardware, it’d certainly be a even more tough competitor to Google’s Android operating system.


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