Ferrari 458 Scuderia expected at Frankfurt

Ferrari 458 Scuderia

Ferrari 458 Scuderia Concept

The next mind blowing car from Ferrari is just about to be shown. Historically, Ferrari’s Scuderia class car are higher performance than their originals counterpart. The Ferrari 458 Scuderia is expected to show up at 2013 Frankfurt Autoshow in September. Is the Ferrari 458 Scuderia ready to compete against the Porsche GT3, and Lambourghini Gallardo Supeleggera?

Under the hood of the Ferrari 458 Scuderia

The Ferrari 458 Scuderia at the Frankfurt Autoshow is to feature a 600 horse power engine(441 kW). If you want something to compare that to, the Ferrari 458 Italia only had 562 Horse power(413 kW). Other enhancements include enhanced brakes, tighter suspensions, stickier tires, remapped ECU, and a tweaked exhaust system. Underneath that, the Ferrari 458 Scuderia will weigh less than 2900 lbs, compared to 3042 lbs of the original Ferrari 458 italia. Just to give you a ball point to how fast that would be, the Ferrari 458 Italia can reach 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.4 seconds. With all these new enhancements from weight reduction to engine upgrades, could you imagine how many seconds would it take to reach from 0 to 100 km/h now?

Ferrari Scuderia

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

If you’re not a Ferrari Fan, you may not know what’s the significance of the Ferrari Scuderia branding. Ferrari Scuderia or Scuderia Ferrari is actually a racing division of the Ferrari automobile marquee that started racing in 1929. The team is very famous in Formula One and Grand Prix, so there is high expectations for a Ferrari with a Scuderia version marked on it. The last Ferrari car that was made with Scuderia branding, was the 430 Scuderia. the 430 Scuderia could reach from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. The original Ferrari F430 could only manage 4.0 seconds. The 430 Scuderia is 0.4 seconds faster than the original F430, and 0.2 seconds slower than the Ferrari 458 Italia. Despite being a few years behind, that is pretty impressive. Now the question yet to be answered, how fast will the Ferrari 458 Scuderia be?

Ferrari 458 Scuderia expected at Frankfurt Autoshow

If you live in the area of Frankfurt– the fifth largest city in Germany or just passing by in September of 2013, the auto-show is definitely an event you cant miss. The auto show runs from September 14 to 22, and prices are listed on the IAA website. Ticket prices are not expensive for what you get — an outlook of the new Ferrari 458, it’s well worth it.



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