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Are fingerprint scanners going to be a new hardware feature on future mobile devices? As the iPhone 5S and the upcoming rumoured HTC One Max are reportedly going to feature a fingerprint scanner, it could be a start of a new hardware featured on mobile smartphones for added security options.

HTC One Max (far right) sporting a fingerprint scanner below the camera

HTC One Max (far right) sporting a fingerprint scanner below the camera

As smartphones are becoming more and more alike, whether it is a smartphone powered by iOS or Android, their operating system functions in a similar fashion. What will differentiate smartphones for years to come are the latest hardware specs. Hardware such as the latest and fastest processors and the latest screen display technology. Unique designs like an all aluminum body or waterproof glass shell like the Sony Xperia Z also helps a device stand out. All these hardware and design features allow the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC to market their high-end smartphones. For a fingerprint scanner on mobile devices like the upcoming iPhone 5S and the HTC One Max, we can find added value and possibly new features through the iOS and Android OS, as well as applications that utilize this hardware, on their high end devices.


For fingerprint scanner on mobile devices, users of these devices sporting a fingerprint scanner can use it as a security feature to unlock their smartphone or to gain access to certain applications that hold sensitive information. Some laptop computers already use fingerprint scanners to enter their Windows profile as a security feature instead of typing a password. But as smartphones become more advance, we are seeing newer hardware being introduced to enhance the user experience.

Apart from it’s security features, a fingerprint scanner doesn’t necessarily add too much to a smartphone but does offer another avenue for device makers to create new ways to add security for users. As Android and iOS have really pulled away as the top operating systems on mobile devices, beating out BlackBerry and Windows, it all comes down to hardware technology to boost a device’s capabilities.

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