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Bending your mobile device’s display screen may soon be possible! LG is set to bring their flexible display technology in┬áthe 4th quarter of this year for their clients. An upcoming LG smartphone is also rumoured to be using a flexible display screen.

LG will be the first to begin mass production of flexible displays to bring to the market. Flexible displays can bring new designs for mobile devices, as design of mobile devices have become stale over the years. We see the same rectangular or square shape design for all our gadgets because we have to design around the display screen provided. But, with flexible displays, the ability to bend will allow devices to have more creative designs and uses that will fit into smaller pockets and be much more durable. As many users know by now, dropping their tablet or smartphone can crack the screen, but having a flexible display screen can benefit consumers to ensure that their device screen will not crack if they drop it.

Possible design using flexible displays can be endless. Manufacturers can build sphere objects where a display screen can be built continuously around it. The design of your digital clock can get more creative with this. Another tool for this can be a digital Post-It Notes, where we can be more environmentally friendly and replace it with a small display screen that can be written on and be folded or placed against a wall. Those are just some innovative designs we can possibly utilize with flexible displays and can bring about new markets for mobile devices.

Samsung and Apple are also known to be developing their own flexible displays but have yet to begin mass production. LG would want to be the first in this market so that they can take the market lead in this area. Most of all, an upcoming LG smartphone, before the end of the year, may sport their flexible display technology which will make LG the first to release a smartphone with flexible display. It will be interesting to see how our experiences with mobile devices will change with the introduction of these new durable and bendable displays.


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