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If you ever read our post about whether Google Glass will be a new geeky eye glasses or a new fashion trend, you will already know what Google is planning with their new Google Glass. Whether or not Google Glass has competition was one of our questions. Now, Google Glass has competition, but just who is it? Google is one of the largest companies in the world, who dares compete with Google in this market? Recon Jet. What is Recon Jet?

About Recon Jet

Just imagine yourself as a snowboarder or a skier in the mountains having fun.  To get information about your current location, you’ll have to take out your phone, and find out where you are. This is a clunky process. But with the new product Recon Jet by Recon Instruments, GPS information and other cool features are updated right on the glass of your goggles.  By having all your location, speed, altitude, buddy, and music information available on your glass, it will enhance your snowboarding experience to the max.

Google Glass has competition — Recon Jet By Recon Instruments

Google Glass has competitionRecon Instruments, a start-up company established in Vancouver, BC, Canada will be competing against Google’s new Google Glass Project. Their upcoming product, Recon Jet has been announced, and will function similar to Google Glass. Apparently, there are a few differences between Google Glass, and the Recon Jet. Recon Jet will be targeting a different market.  Recon Instruments is developing  a heads up display for Alpine mountain equipment rather than to the young tech enthusiast. Recon Jet will features a fully fledged heads up display rather than Google’s partial small glass piece. Their approach is to implement the heads-up display into a pair of Alpine Goggles for snowboarders and skiers. Users will be able to see all the information that is needed for a perfect ski day.  Questions is, is this going to be obstructive to the wearer? According to their website, it will be unobtrusive to your eyes. The heads-up display module will be on the bottom right-side of your goggles, and provide 84 degrees of visibility. Great prism technology will allow the wearer to view the heads-up display without having to refocus their eyes. On top of that, the product is an attachment to alpine goggles, and can easily be swapped into other compatible ski-goggle when necessary. Interestingly enough, the recon unit is underneath the glass which will not draw attention unlike Google glasses version.

Recon Jet


Although Recon Instruments Jet is targeting a different niche — alpine ski-goggles, Recon instrument Jet will soon expand to sunglasses. This will move Recon Instruments onto Google Glass’s turf.  Specializing in Ski goggle equipment has it’s advantages. It allows them to sort out all the bugs and issues before they expand to the emerging market.  No pricing details between to two has yet been announced; thus, they still have time to think twice on the pricing strategy.  It gets even more exciting from here. Recon Instruments is just a kick-starter company, and Google is a huge technological giant.  If the chess pieces are played correctly, will the rat scare of the elephant?

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