Google In Your Living Room: Chromecast

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Ready to enjoy media content from your smartphone and tablet devices onto your HDTV? Google is entering your living room to help you stream content onto your television through a low cost device known as Chromecast. A tiny device that is wireless and goes into your HDTV via HDMI port will allow you to stream YouTube and Netflix content off your Android, iOS and Chromebook devices which will allow users to consume their content on the big stream in an easy manner. chromecast_dongle

Google’s attempt to enter your living room through a $35 media dongle known as the Chromecast makes streaming media onto your HDTV very easy. For only $35 users can stream Netflix and YouTube content off their Android and even iOS device onto their HDTV via Chromecast plugged into the HDMI port. Most of all, it is small like a USB memory stick and will easily fit on the back of your HDTV’s HDMI port. As users stream their content onto their TV and would like to multi-task on their smartphone or tablet, the content broadcasting on their TV will not be interrupted. Chromecast does not feature any built in interface or remote control, so everything functions through the user’s Android tablet and smartphone, iOS devices running Netflix and YouTube and Chrome OS.

The Chromecast is easy to use, just plug and sync with the device of your choosing (Android devices, iOS devices and laptops running on Chrome OS) and play the media content that you want with YouTube and Netflix. For Android users, Google Play Music and Movies can also be streamed onto their TV via Chromecast so they can enjoy music and other movies not on Netflix off their home theatre speakers. Hopefully future apps like HBO GO, Amazon Instant will be available to stream through Chromecast.

At a low cost, users can stream their favourite content from Netflix and YouTube right into their living room. If Google can acquire more major content providers, this media dongle is really worth it at a cost of $35. But Android users really benefit off the low costing media dongle as they can stream music and movies through Google Play Music and Google Movies onto their TV through Chromecast, giving them many more ways to entertain in the living room.

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