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Ok Google! If you’re on an Android device, you can now do a Google Search by voice from anywhere on your device. Quick, efficient and hands-free searching on Google Now application is now possible no matter what you are doing on the device. All you need is your voice to use Google Now from anywhere to search. Screenshot_2014-07-09-18-30-38

Google recently updated their Google Now Android application to enable voice activation from anywhere on the screen – just Ok Google like you’re in the app. To turn this feature on, go into your Google Now settings > Voice > Ok Google Detection. Once turned on, doing a Google Search by voice via Google Now application will be much easier and less hassle of having to select Google Now from either the Home button or through your application drawer.

This feature isn’t new as it was on Motorola’s Moto X device that enabled Google search from anywhere. It was finally implemented into Google Now that functions with all Android devices and was announced at the Google I/O event. The event also announced a host of many new features in the upcoming upgrade to Android known as Android L.


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Google Now has proven to be a helpful hands-free voice search application that can also show you cards of things you are interested, including Sports, Stocks, your daily commute traffic, Places etc. It can also make calls, send text messages and open other applications. Now that it can hear your voice from anywhere, it makes it that much more useful to quickly do a search without having to use your hands to open up Google Now – especially useful if you’re driving. Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV will sport this newly implemented feature of  the Google Now Android application to make search an easy task no matter what you are doing. Google Now is especially the killer app for Android Wear.

If you haven’t already started using Google Now, go download it from the play store if it isn’t already installed on your Android device. It is just known as the “Google” app in your app drawer.

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