Google Now Available On iOS


Google Now is available on iOS devices now.  iOS devices such as iPad, and iPhones  now have access to Google’s application and allows them to find and follow information that they want to know while on the go.Google NowGoogle Now found in the Google Search application gives users the ability to search and keep track of things like weather, sports or sports teams, stocks and even the time it takes for the user to get to work or home from where they are. Google Now is designed to offer users the ability to receive information they want to know, like the categories listed above, without having to search- the application will know based on your location and tendencies. Users can also search like a normal Google search engine to find other information they might want to know.

However, the application doesn’t work as great on an iOS device as it will not be the device’s primary search tool like it can be on Android, nor would it provide notifications, as push notifications has not been enabled yet. Also, iOS notification bar doesn’t offer the same convenience as an Android device. For iOS users, they must go into the Google Search application to use Google Now which may defeat its purpose of notifying users with information they want to know while on the go. iOS’s lack of versatility really shows in applications like Google Now as the iPhone or iPad doesn’t offer the same customization and notification ability as an Android device. Regardless, for users of iOS who chooses to use Google Now, all they need to do is go into the Google Search application and from there they will see cards of things they are following and useful information about their location.

Andrew is a co-founder of DeviceCritique. As a tech savvy individual, he aims to explains tech in a simple manner while also providing support for those who need help with their devices or computers.