Google’s New Chat Apps

Google's new intuitive chat app


Allo - Smart Messaging

google-allo-dcSay hello or “Allo” to Google’s new chat app! And also Duo, their new video calling app.

Allo is a smart messaging app geared as a more casual chat app like WhatsApp and Line and uses your address book. Whereas Hangouts is good for SMS texting and chatting using your Google account.

Smart replies on Allo give a list of possible replies for you to choose from as Google scans and learns the latest message and gives you the option for quick replies.

Where Allo really stands out is the use of Google search.  It does a search for you like showing a list of restaurants you and your friend want to pick from right in the chat box if you happen to be on that topic. The search function helps with 2-way conversation as both you and your friend can see the search result rather than doing it individually. It can also do other Google search work like finding your reminders, calendar info etc.

Google will keep Hangouts as part of their “enterprise for work products” geared towards business users.

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