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Is Allo Going To Be Useful?

Is there room for another chat app? Google thinks so with their new smart messaging app, Allo.

Google already have chat apps available like Hangouts and Messenger as the default messaging app on Android and now Allo. Companies don’t normally launch the same type of app to do the same thing. Facebook bought WhatsApp and that utilizes user’s phone numbers for online messaging while Facebook Messenger utilizes Facebook friends.

Features like voice assistant and learning capabilities built into the app are good, whether people takes advantage of this is another story. It can give users better efficiency to get things done while in the app chatting, but it doesn’t offer much else that you can’t find from established messaging apps.

Why not build these features from Allo into Hangouts instead via update or a big overhaul instead? This would reduce confusion in the market and not disconnect their users from their own messaging Hangouts app. Or they could eventually end Hangouts down the road and make Allo the default.

We already have WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, and Messenger for those on iOS available, do you think adding another Google messaging app will be useful? Let us know.

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