Gptoys Black AVIAX F2 Quadcopter: Review

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The Gptoys Black Aviax F2 drone is a four rotor helicopter intended to be an entry-level remote control quadcopter developed solely to prepare its pilots into the realms of the  remote controlled aircraft hobby. The question is, is the GPtoys Aviax F2 the perfect trainer drone for the drone newbie?

Gptoys Black Aviax F2: External Appearance

GPTOYS F2The Black Aviax F2 from GPtoys is quite a looker, and is arguably one of the best looking trainer quad-copter that we have seen. The poly-carbonate plastic shell is nicely painted with a nice glossy black finish with speckles of gold that gives it a nice artsy feel. However, the most interesting part of the quad-copter is Syma X5C quad-copter-ish look. It is as if Gptoys took the X5C and splashed a new paint job, and coupled it with a radio transmitter that resembles too much like a Xbox One controller.

GPTOYS F2 allGptoys Black Aviax F2: Internal Hardware

Internally, the Aviax F2 is equipped with 4 brushed motors in an X formation. A small gear is clipped onto each motor, which is used to drive a larger gear and simultaneously turns the propellers. In order to lock the propellers in place, the kit includes 4 metal clips that clips into a hole located right below the propellers and locks into place once you thread it through the metal shaft. The flight controller and receiver is situated in the middle of the device, and visible from the bottom of the battery bay. The LEDs are pretty bright, and it was easy to find orientation during the night.

_MG_5762Gptoys Black Aviax F2: Quality of Materials

What is the most surprising part of the quad-copter is how sturdy this quad-copter is. I had at least crashed this quadcopter 20 times and it only sustained some scruffs here and there. One time I got it stuck in a tree, and had to throw a rock at the branch. When I hit the branch hard, the F2 fell straight down and crashed landed directly into the concrete and it still flies no problem. For the price I paid for this quadcopter ($31.91),  I have to say that I am quite impressed. Initially we were worried that we would need to buy extra propellers for it, but even after the severe crashes, there was no need to replace any of them yet.

Gptoys Black Aviax F2: Portability

The F2 is quite light, and traveling around with this quad-copter is easy. Storing the quad-copter is really convenient as it fits real nice into its original packaging really well.

Gptoys Black Aviax F2: _MG_5776Battery Life

While Gearbest claims 9~10 minutes flight time overall.  On average, we were able to obtain 6-8 minutes of flight time with this Quadcopter on average. The more we charged these batteries, the flight time substantially gotten worst. I realized it was possible that we were over charging the batteries, so we purchased these inexpensive batteries which helped us learn to fly faster. Of course, you will need this battery charger to charge more batteries at once otherwise it would take too long to charge one battery at a time. We took off the landing gear, and propeller guards  to get a little bit more flight time.

Gptoys Black Aviax F2: User Experience

This quad-copter is quite a stable flyer out of the box. In order to stabilize the gyros, we turned the left joysticks counter-clockwise at the 7 o’clock position, and the right joystick to the 4 o’clock position simultaneously until you hear a few beeps, and the LEDs started flashing. My only gripe about this quad-copter is that the nice Xbox One styled controller does not have any LCDs that tells you your trim settings, so it was difficult to know what the trim settings were at the time.

f2 ControllerConclusion

The GPtoys AVIAX F2 is a great quad-copter for beginners who want to get into the quad-copter flying hobby. It is a stable, durable, and extremely beginner friendly drone that will make you want to fly more. I would recommend this quad-copter for anyone starting out in the hobby, or if someone is looking to gift to someone else. We highly recommend you purchasing extra batteries as you will soon fine that the battery that it comes with is not enough. I would buy 4-5.At a price point of $31.92 from Gearbest, this quad-copter can easily be entertainment for a long time. Enabling you to learn to fly is essential to flying larger and more intense quads such as racing fpv quads and camera quads. If you would like the version with a LCD on the transmitter, I would recommend the GPtoys H20 which cost a little more, but sometimes its on sale for less than the F2. We suspected it is the same quadcopter except they marketed it as a waterproof, and I have not confirmed the F2 as waterproof just yet.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Bright LEDs for night flight makes finding orientation easy
  • Stable flight
  • Newbie friendly
  • Relatively inexpensive ( Paid 31.92 USD) compared to the Syma X5C 49.79 USD
  • No camera (to maximize flight time)


  • No LCD on transmitter to show battery and trims
  • short battery-life
  • Brushed motors (cant complain though)
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