High Quality Audio: What Are You Suppose To Hear?

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Judging music and audio quality can be a very subjective topic. Same with the topic on high quality audio, like what PonoMusic will deliver with its high resolution audio recording by using a lossless format. It is difficult to judge an audio that produces high quality music sounds, but there are fine details you can look into to notice the difference. Here are some details to look for between a lossless high quality audio compared with a lossy format. 

Details in the percussion

Whenever you are listening to a rock tune or anything that have drums, symbol crashes etc, the sound quality of those instruments will sound much richer on a lossless audio format. It should sound like the instruments are being played right in front of you. A CD or lossless digital format will retain the details right out of the studios that will provide this quality and experience. Lossy audio formats can make those instruments sound dull and sometimes VERY dull. A high quality audio format will keep these instruments sounding sharp and clear.

Musical qualities

Certain musical qualities appear to be missing when transferred onto a lossy format like that of a mp3. By musical qualities, we are talking about the technical music terms you probably learn in music school such as crescendo, forte etc. These qualities in music adds to the listening experience and one that seems to be barely existing or non-existent on a lossy format. A lossless format retains this quality in music and will really add to the listening experience. If you transfer your CD audio as an uncompressed WAV format or a compressed lossless FLAC format, you will notice the differences when you listen for it.

Better Experience

High quality audio will give listeners a comfortable listening experience. The bass will be less head-ache inducing and will have more depth to it, as well as the mids and high range sound. It’s overall sound quality will be much smoother, especially on the big speakers. Ever try playing your mp3 audio music on the big speakers and you get this headache inducing sound? It’s most notable on music that are bass heavy like a dance tune. Other types of music, whether it be classical, pop or rap, will just have a better listening experience when you listen to it on a high quality, lossless audio format. Give it a try and compare the difference by looking at the fine details of the music and you will notice the difference.

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