HTC 10 Review: Great For Selfies

htc10-frontbackThe new HTC 10 delivers a simple and refresh feel to this iteration of HTC’s Android flagship smartphone. Simplicity is the best way to describe the 2016 version of HTC’s flagship device. Like the previous devices for the last 3 years, HTC has maintained a great build quality, staying with an aluminum unibody build. Selfie fans who need better quality may want to choose this smartphone to carry around too. But what’s new and simple about their latest Android device?

Perfect For Selfies

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For selfie fans out there, the HTC 10 sports an optical image stabilizer on both front and back cameras with an f/1.8 aperture. This is the world’s first device with a front-facing camera with an optical image stabilizer. Neither of the other flagships have it on the front facing camera to help your selfie needs. You should have some great selfie picture quality with this feature.

Just Another Big Smartphone?

HTC 10 is a 5.2″ display size smartphone, just slightly bigger compared to just 5″ on the M9 last year. Gone are the days of small, pocket fitting size smartphones with one hand functionality, as many flagship devices from the likes of Samsung, LG and Apple are 5+ inch devices. But unlike Samsung, HTC has gone with an IPS display screen which means you can see your screen in bright sunlight situations.

Most notably, the aluminum body design offers a strong body build and we definitely like how the device grips in your hand for such a large size. It doesn’t feel as if it will slip out of your hand as easily with the small curves along the back edges.


HTC have lessen the amount of bloatware for this device, making it much smoother and user-friendly. The moment you turn on the device, it reminds you of a Google Nexus smartphone. It is still running on HTC’s SenseUI, but with fewer bloatware or apps, such as apps that are similar to what Google originally had on their Android device. The functionality on your smartphone should be much smoother as fewer memory usage is running in the background. This is how a smartphone should be, especially an Android one.

HTC has also forgone the onscreen home button and opted for the Samsung Galaxy look of a physical home button and a capacitive touch back and menu button. The prior versions went with a Nexus style onscreen button which took a bit of the screen space.

htc10-fingerprintFingerprint Reader

Like other flagship smartphones of today, the HTC has added a fingerprint scanner located on the front of the device, where the home button is. This location is similar to the Apple iPhone. We much prefer it to be on the back of the device to make gripping and scanning your fingerprint to be much more seamless like the Nexus 6P.

Excellent Audio Quality

BoomSound speaker

BoomSound speaker

The HTC 10 boasts an excellent audio chip to provide users excellent audio quality. Those who enjoy hi-fidelity audio especially, will be able to use it with their headphones. If you are only a casual listener, this can still benefit you with decent audio still and is great to have. And unlike the LG G5, the audio chip to produce such high quality sound is built in and not as a separate part.

Hi-Res graded earbuds included

Hi-Res graded earbuds included

Audio quality also gets a boost with HTC’s BoomSound speakers located below the device. This iteration, unlike the previous BoomSound, is updated with BoomSound Hi-Fi to go with the sound chip embedded with the smartphone for hi-res audio. And to go along with their Hi-FI audio producing speakers and chipset, HTC even included hi-fi graded earbuds, not the cheap ones you’re use to on other devices!

Worth It?

If you’re looking for a new Android smartphone in the flagship category, the HTC 10 seems well worth it. With fewer bloated software installed,  more simple look (more towards stock Android-like), decent camera, especially for selfies, and excellent audio for your music listening needs, the HTC 10 is well worth it. 32GB storage with expandable memory card should be able to hold your hi-res music if you have any. HTC has forgone many of the unnecessary software and aimed to make a well designed device that is simple and just works.

Let us know what you think of the new HTC 10 and what feature is your favourite.

Andrew is a co-founder of DeviceCritique. As a tech savvy individual, he aims to explains tech in a simple manner while also providing support for those who need help with their devices or computers.

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