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HTC ONE M8HTC ramps up their game and introduces the all new HTC One series phone. This revision is called the HTC One M8. The one question we’ve been wondering is why call it the M8? There are many possibilities. Urban Dictionary states M8 is a short way of saying “mate”, and pronounced “M-eight”. If this is true, if you say it out loud, it would sound like, HTC One Mate. Of course, not everyone believes in having one mate so it was probably a coincidence.

Moving on to the next possibility, Americans had many military weapons developed under the code name ‘M8’. There were M8 rockets — used in World War II, and American tanks codenamed “M8” — developed in the 1980s. There were nothing significant with these weapons, so we could not gauge a connection. There were a few interesting devices that were under the code name M8, the first digital range finder developed by Leica was called the M8, Meizu created a touch screen phone on Windows CE named M8; however, it seems like there are nothing significant with these items either. So the question still remains, why did HTC name their new HTC One M8? 

HTC One M8: the origin of the name

Shocking as it sounds, the HTC One series has many congruities to many of BMW’s branding tactics. For one, the BMW had a “One” series since 2004 but recently retired.  If you connect the dots, HTC debut their HTC One X series and then realized that BMW is now retiring their One series, so HTC renamed their phone from One X, to the One. At this point, HTC had a gracious idea to piggy back off of a luxury brand, and BMW fit their window of opportunity.

Coincidentally, BMW was interested in creating a BMW M7 for their 7-series line up in early 2012. HTC subtly named the first HTC One “M7” before launch in favor for BMW plans to release the M7 car. Shortly afterwards, Apple liked the code name and named their Motion Sensing Chip “M7” for the release of their iPhone 5S.  So now HTC decided that they needed to differentiate their current HTC One series phone by refreshing their HTC One series with a new code name.  Since HTC had to make a new revision of the HTC One for it’s 2014 model and wanted to stay ahead of the curve in terms of naming and branding, HTC has an interesting strategy at play. 

Since Apple always follows a numerical succession with their hardware upgrades of their phones, they knew that there is a high chance that Apple’s next Motion Sensing Chip will be called “M8”. Therefore,  HTC named their phone, One M8, and emphasized the “M8”. HTC purposely publicized the term “M8” on their release. It was just a strategic step on their part. If Apple releases a new motion sensing processor M8, HTC will be seen as the first to come up with the code name “M8”, and Apple will appear merely as a follower in the market. Will Apple name their next motion sensing chip “M7x”, or skip to M8 out together to avoid playing the game?

HTC One M8: the one?

thumb-2So HTC One M8 comes with some apparent differences over their older M7 brother, and many of these upgrades are aesthetics. The HTC One M8 comes with 3 colours, silver, gold, and gun metal. The original HTC One (M7) on the other hand features 5 — silver, black, gold, red, and gold. M8 offers a new 5 inch display vs the old 4.7 of the M7, which is not a huge difference considering the Pixel per inch drops by 27(from 468 to 441), and the weight increased from 143 grams to 160 grams (17 grams more).

With the increase in weight, M8 users receive a larger battery from 2300 mAh(m7) to 2600 mah(m8), and a more powerful snapdragon processor (Snapdragon 801 quad core 2.3ghz). Storage options change in this revision. In the past, HTC stopped believing in expandable memory with their HTC One; however, we are glad to hear that the HTC M8 has expandable memory, and come with 32 gigabytes internal storage space so space is not a huge issue anymore.  

HTC One M8 Dimension Comparison

Phone Dimensions Thickness Weight Screen Size Screen Resolution
Apple iPhone 5S 123.8 mm x 58.6 mm 7.6 mm 112 g 4.0 “ 1136 x 640 px
Apple iPhone 5C 124.4 mm x 59.2 mm 8.97 mm 132 g 4.0 “ 1136 x 640 px
Apple iPhone 5 123.8 mm x 58.6 mm 7.6 mm 112 g 4.0 “ 1136 x 640 px
Apple iPhone 4S 115.2 mm x 58.6 mm 9.3 mm 140 g 3.5 “ 960 x 640 px
Samsung Galaxy Note III 151.2 mm x 79.2 mm 8.3 mm 168 g 5.7 “ 1920 x 1080 px
Samsung Galaxy Note II 151.1 mm x 80.5 mm 9.4 mm 180 g 5.55 “ 1280 x 720 px
Samsung Galaxy S V 142 mm x 72.5 mm 8.1 mm 145 g 5.1 “ 1920 x 1080 px
Samsung Galaxy SIV 136.6 mm x 69.8 mm 7.9 mm 130 g 5.0 “ 1920 x 1080 px
Samsung Galaxy SIII 136.6 mm x 70.6 mm 8.6 mm 133 g 4.8 “ 1280 x 720 px
HTC One M8 145.9 mm x 70 mm 9.25 mm 160 g 5.0 “ 1920 x 1080 px
HTC One 137.4 mm x 68.2 mm 9.3 mm 143 g 4.7 “ 1920 x 1080 px
HTC One X 134.36 mm x 69.9 mm 8.9 mm 130 g 4.7 “ 1280 x 720 px
Sony Xperia Z2 146.8 mm x 73.3 mm 8.2 mm 163 g 5.2 “ 1920 x 1080 px
Sony Xperia Z1 144 mm x 74 mm 8.5 mm 169 g 5.0 “ 1920 x 1080 px
Sony Xperia Z Ultra 179 mm x 92.2 mm 6.5 mm 212 g 6.4 “ 1920 x 1080 px
Sony Xperia Z 139 mm x 71 mm 7.9 mm 146 g 5.0 “ 1920 x 1080 px
LG Nexus 5 137.84 mm x 69.17 mm 8.59 mm 130 g 4.7 “ 1920 x 1080 px
LG Nexus 4 133.9 mm x 68.7 mm 9.1 mm 139 g 4.7 “ 1280 x 768 px

HTC One M8Although the HTC One M8 is the thickest and heaviest in the competition, the M8 is built with quality materials. With the thick aluminum case, it’s easy to ignore the added thickness and weight. When you’re paying for a HTC One M8, you are paying for a quality product that does not feel flimsy, cheap, nor created with plastic. It is like the difference between buying a BMW M7 versus a Hyundai Tiburon. You can tell the difference when you drive them; thus, you can tell the difference between the M8 with other phones when you use them. The question is, now that HTC released their cards out on the table, what will Apple place on the board in the next coming months, and how will the HTC One stand against it?

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