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For those who prefer small and easy one handed use of smartphones, HTC is expected to release a smaller version of their HTC One smartphone known as the HTC One mini. The HTC One mini will offer a 4.3inch screen (0.4inches smaller than the One) with 720P resolution. However, a minor sacrifice will be made for this smaller device.

HTC One next to the HTC One mini. Image courtesy of

HTC One next to the HTC One mini. Image courtesy of

A major flaw with high-end smartphones today, mainly Android smartphones, is that they are quite large and require two hands to properly function the device, especially when typing on the touchscreen keyboard. Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the HTC One can make it difficult to effectively reach all parts of the touchscreen with one hand while on the go. For the HTC One mini, the 4.3 inch screen size should make it much easier for those who require single hand functionality while on the go. The design of the mini is similar to the original One with the uni-body aluminum design, with the exception of having plastic on the side and only the front and back being aluminum.

The mini version of the HTC One should be decent for on-the-go functionality as it comes with the latest software with mid-level hardware. The processor will be slower and will feature a smaller internal memory (16GB) in comparison to the original HTC One (32GB/64GB). It’s 2GB RAM will be kept which will allow for the device to run a few apps at once. The mini is also rumoured to come with the latest Android 4.2 with HTC Sense UI built over it, which has not arrived on the HTC One yet. Apart from the speed and storage space, the HTC One mini should be able to satisfy a user’s productivity functions while being easy to use with one hand and being on-the-go.


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