iOS 7 Rumours: Interface Being Revamped


Apple’s iOS 7 update could be bringing a much needed update that will improve the user experience. The layout on iOS’s home screen has been the same since the beginning and an upgrade could make it much more appealing  with a unique and custom design that will improve the user experience. The current layout on iOS devices has become stale and can feel messy and unorganized. iOS 7 is a much needed update that will be the first big change to the iOS layout that has been the same since the beginning.


iOS on the iPhone and iPad had the same layout since the beginning. Image courtesy of Apple

Do you enjoy digital representations of real-world objects over non-textured and simple objects? How about a new iOS update that revamps the look and feel of Apple’s mobile operating system? Well, Apple could be revamping the operating system with an upcoming iOS 7 update. But Apple’s previous designs with real-life objects being transferred into digital representations will no longer be pursued according to rumours. Apple has become well known in designing very appealing looking devices with easy to use software that comes with graphics designed from real-world objects with textures. For instance, users with their e-books on the iPad and iPhone had a textured bookshelf with the user’s books shown, making it look like the user’s digital world’s bookshelf. However with iOS 7, we should not be expecting that sort of look and feel to iOS that users have come to know. It will just be a more simple looking design with shapes and graphics that have no real-world interpretations.

Apart from the new direction in design, what else should iOS 7 improve on? For one, the general layout can use a new update, since having all the user’s application laid out on the home screen seems boring and unorganized. Essentially, the home screen is nothing but a drawer to launch apps. How about having widgets or graphics on the home screen to make the user experience feel unique and custom like what you can find on an Android smartphone? The unique look of an Android home screen is one of the main reasons Android feels newer and more unique. Widgets can put shortcut functions right on the home screen that will allow users to quickly see updates without having to enter the app and it can even function as a way to turn on device functions like WI-FI without having to go into settings. Widgets also makes the home screen look more appealing and less messy. iOS’s home screen  has been nothing but an app launcher since the beginning which has become old and a new look to the home screen can modernize iOS that will make Apple’s mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad, fun to use again with a unique and custom look to the home screen for the user.

Source: Apple Insider


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