Apple iPhone 6: Tim Crook at it again?

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It has just been less than a half a year since mighty Apple released the iPhone 5S. As usual, many rumours and speculations have washed up on the shores of the web regarding the iPhone 6. The problem with these rumors is that many of them are not true. A flood of blogs were spewing out articles after articles about the iPhone 6. The reason? They were posting because the “iPhone 6” keyword got popular on Google, and they needed to use this opportunity to get their blog seen by millions of readers. We are different, and our goal is to give you the real story.

iPhone 6: A little back story

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Tim Cook

Can you smell what Tim Cook is cooking? Tim Cook or Tim Crook (depending if you think he is an idea mixer or an idea crook) is crooking up a new iPhone this year — the iPhone 6. After he disappointed investors in Q1 of 2014, Tim Crook sets out on a journey to find new ways to awe the smartphone community. The weakness of Tim Cook is getting more clearer to the public. A positive point of Steve Jobs was that he was able to analyze the technology market and pinpoint where opportunities lie. He was a big believer of the idea of simplicity. Simplicity is an ultimate sophistication is what he pushed for in the early days of Apple. The results of this movement lead to the creation of the iOS user interface. Now that Steve Jobs is gone, Tim Cook is left to figure out Apple’s next move without his vast technology knowledge base. Times have also changed in the world of smart phones. iOS has seemly reached it’s limits as a closed platform, and Google’s Android Operating system has become a huge threat to iOS. Apple has the means to compete more on grounds of hardware specifications than software innovations than in the past. So what kind of wacky iPhone ideas the web community rumored up?

Possible improvements

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Solar Panel

iPhone with solar panel technology. This idea was actually circling the web for a while. Just imagine the iPhone with a solar panel. You could let it sit in the sun to charge rather than scramble for a charger at the beach. However, we thought about this idea, we thought anyone could develop a solar panel case for the existing iPhones and we wouldn’t be missing much. In fact, Everweek already has created an iPhone solar case solution. On the other hand, an iPhone with native solar cells to prolong the battery-life of the phone might not be a bad idea, if properly implemented.

iphone 6 case?

iPhone 6

Apple has been criticized quite a lot for having small screens. Although the screen size of current iPhone makes it a pleasure to type one-handed, the size of the screen is quite small and dated. There are a few rumors circling around that Apple will increase the screen size of iPhone 6 to around 4.7 to 5.5 inch and increase the resolution to 2272x 1280 pixels. This move would certainly increase the sizes of iOS apps, and an 16GB iPhone 6 will not make the cut. The likelihood of Apple increasing the screen size is likely as there was a leaked images of the iPhone 6 case from a Chinese website.

So the questions still remain. Will the next iPhone feature a solar cell etched larger screen or a solar cell etched back plate and a larger screen?

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