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iPhone SE : No gimmick stock iOS Experience

Apple announced a truly revolutionary new iPhone — the iPhone SE. This new iPhone is so innovative that Apple did not even give it a number. They just called it iPhone ‘SE’ which could be an acronym for many possibilities such as Second Edition, South East, System Engineering, Strategic Ecosystem, Search Engine, Sex Education, System Expansion, and our favorite –Standard Edition. So what makes this iPhone the best iPhone yet? Well let me explain.

iphonese-box-gray-2016iPhone SE: SE for Standard Edition

Lets go back to September 2012 when the iPhone 5 was first released. At the time, Apple was fighting a form-factor war with Samsung. It was their iPhone 5 and iphone 5s  with 4 inch a display versus the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 with a 4.7 inch display. Even though Steve Jobs said that nobody would buy a phone with a phone larger than 4 inches, there was a huge influx of popularity for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple finally caved in to consumers demands for larger screen size when they developed the iPhone 6, and 6 plus. Ever since then, Apple never updated their 4 inch iPhone until now.

SE for Strategic Ecosystem

Apple’s announcement of the iPhone SE holds a strategic value. It is a turning point for those customers who previously enjoyed the 4 inch iPhone form-factor. Customers will be able to purchase a phone with similar specification with it’s bigger brother, the iPhone 6s at an affordable price point. Apple is desperate for smart phone market share, and is willing to entice those who are considering converting to Android for a cheaper phone. With the iPhone SE, Apple intends to show that iOS is superior in terms of the Apple ecosystem to Android. There is no mention to whether or not the iPhone SE will have the iconic iPhone 6s’ Force touch capabilities. nevertheless, iOS can run perfectly fine without it, and arguably, this feature could be seen as unnecessary, or gimmicky.

SE for System Expansion

Apple pulled off their signature pricing model with the iPhone SE as usual. Prices on this product are $399 for 16GB and $499 for 64GB. What happened to the 32GB? Well obviously Apple wants you to pay $100 more for their 64GB model. Apple iPhone SE could have had a starting price of $399 with 32GB, but then they would be able to suck $100 from you. Of course, there are always alternatives like the Nexus 5X to fill that void.

The implications of Apple going back to it’s roots is a clear indication that Apple did enough market research to find that their customer base enjoyed the iPhone 5 form-factor the most, and by upgrading this platform, they are covering phones of all sizes. Likewise, if the iPhone SE sells well, Apple can explore this platform more perhaps in their iPhone 7.

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