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Motorola recently began promoting its highly anticipated Moto X smartphone device but lots about the device remain unanswered. Rogers Communications in Canada has a leaked video which shows off ┬áthe features offered on the Moto X smartphone. The anticipation for this device may be high but don’t expect anything too big.

Main Features?

Through the leaked video demonstrating Moto X’s features, we get a glimpse of what this smartphone can do. It offers hands-off features where users don’t necessarily have to touch the device to see their notifications as the screen lightly turns on to show the notification icon on your screen instead of the traditional blinking LED light. The Moto X seems to be always ready to listen to your command to search or open apps thanks to Google Now which will make it easy and quick to find what you need. These features simply helps users do basic functions with the Moto X while hands free and act as a true assistant like Apple’s Siri, except more refined.


These features aren’t necessarily very important for everyone but it does improve on voice activation functionality without the need to touch or press anything on the smartphone. Hopefully Google will have the option to turn off the always listening feature for when the device waits for your command as people will likely have privacy concerns in light of PRISM.


The design of the Moto X isn’t anything too different to what is already available on the market and should fit on your hands nicely with it’s rumored 4.7 inch display. The Moto X’s processor speed will not be on par with the latest high-end devices like the HTC One or Galaxy S4, as it will run on a Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.7Ghz dualcore, but will come with 2GB RAM like most high-end devices. The resolution will be at 720P instead of 1080P which is where the latest high-end devices are going. It will also run on the latest Android OS, 4.2.2, not a newer version as some hope Google will release on this device. The Moto X should still be function-able device without too much worry about lag or being too slow.

The highly anticipated Moto X can seem like a Nexus device as Motorola is part of Google. It’s Android system appears to be mainly stock as well. It’s simple to use hands-off features on the Moto X should make it simple to use and allow users to find what they need to accomplish daily tasks. Hopefully this is not all there is to see on the Moto X and that there are more features to be shown.

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