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Logitech Harmony Remote 350 Review

harmony-350The Logitech Harmony Remote Control is probably the easiest universal remote control to setup with all your media devices at home. The Logitech Harmony Remote 350, one of Logitech’s various universal remotes, is the most basic of their Harmony remote product line. It’s perfect for those who need a basic universal remote that is easy to setup and works with their basic home theatre needs.

What is the Harmony 350

The Logitech Harmony 350 universal remote is a lower end universal remote compared to the higher end ones that come with a touchscreen display on the remote. Those can be found on the Harmony 650 and Harmony Elite. The Harmony 350 has fewer options when it comes to setting it up to turning on a variety of devices at once. The higher end models allow you to have multiple settings to turn on a combination of media players according to your needs. For example, setting 1 turns on TV, sound system and blu-ray player while setting 2 option allows you to turn on TV, cable box and sound system.

Easy Setup with Harmony Software


MyHarmony software

Unlike most universal remote control you can buy, the Logitech Harmony remote makes it rather easy to sync with your home theatre media players. Other universal remotes require various steps such as holding a button for a certain time till a light blinks then punching in an according ID number for that brand of device.

The Logitech Harmony remotes’ advantage is that it uses the Logitech Harmony software from your computer known as MyHarmony, and syncs via USB to and associates commands according to brand. Just type in your media player brand and model number which you can find on the device itself, and the Logitech software does the rest.

‘Watch TV’ – One Press, Everything On

From the Logitech Harmony software, you can program buttons on your remote control and what the “Watch TV” button on the remote does. You can program it to turn on various devices at once, such as your TV, cable box and home theatre sound system. Or whatever combination you have at home. For the Harmony Remote 350, you can only program one setting for the “Watch TV” button.

You can turn on each media player individually with another power button on the side. Just press TV, cable box, amp etc then push the power button.

We did face a few issues with the setting up process where the USB had issues connecting with your computer and syncing. Luckily, using another computer worked out. We don’t know why this is an issue but it seems to be a problem with other users.


The Harmony 350 remote buttons will work the same as the remote that came with your media player. It has the typical “Menu”, “Fast-Forward” “Rewind” “Info” etc buttons on it. However, certain functions may be omitted after the initial setup and you will have to go into the Harmony software to select the function that you want to have programmed into the remote. All buttons on your Harmony 350 are customizable and can be taught new functions through the Harmony software.

Teaching new commands is as simple as following the on screen instructions on the software and pointing the media device’s remote to the bottom of your Harmony 350’s IR sensor and pushing the button on the original remote of the command you want to teach.


If you are looking for a universal remote that does the basics and is easy to setup, the Logitech Harmony 350 is for you. Apart from the USB problem, it was rather easy to setup and sync with your media players in the living room. We didn’t have many other media players to switch one, just the basic TV, cable box and sound system. But if you’re looking for a combination of devices to power on, the Harmony 650 is the one we would recommend.

A universal remote is very handy to control all your media players at home with one remote. And Logitech’s easy setup makes it much easier to use.

Let us know your experience with a Logitech Harmony remote in the comments or other universal remotes you have used.

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